​Hostels with the lousiest girls in the Nakawa based prestigious institution, MUBS


The bee stung its eyes upon MUBS and today we divulge some of the hostels with the lousiest girls.

Baheesi Hostel

These girls if am not mistaken, 90% of the time have trips over their tongues! Jesus!! There has not been a hostel with lousy girls like this one. Girls shout right through their windows calling on hawkers. Who does that? Why is this a MUBS hostel anyway?! Loved by many because its one of the most affordable hostels around, you will never find it full. It always has free rooms because some of the girls saw the light. Most of them fled this repugnante bug-infested hostel. My friend when you go to visit anyone in this hostel, be sure to check yourself well for bedbugs.

Devine Hostel

You want a cheap girl? Look no further than this hostel. Most Mbuya “cool”dudes made this a camping site. All you have to do to win this girl over is buy her Chips of 3k from Mama Nankya or a 2k rolex and she will forever thank you, it won’t be hard to get laid by any girl from this hostel. If a girl from this hostel asks you to take them to the famous shaka zulu, then she is most likely not a resident.

Akamwesi Hostel

Shocker, right? Yes the bee has been shocked several times over this but eventually the pill settles and the stereo type breaks.  A good girl should be two things; classy and fabulous. The thing with these girls, if they do something pretty, even if they’re not much to look at, or even if they are some type of bimbos you fall in love with them. But we have come to realize there is a big class of lousy girls hiding in the umbrella of this prestigious hostel. Be careful when dating these girls, you will be fooled by what they look  like when actually you should have been better dating an Ideal Platinum chic. Date two different girls from this hostel and be very observant, one will say “I only need you to pay our entrance fee to silent disco and drinks with my girls at gatto Matto ” and the other will be saying things like “ I went to silver springs with Fred of Stanchart”…so typical! This is the lousy one. This comes as some sort of advice actually.

Valley Courts Hostel.

There is no way it would have missed this list. Good girls go to heaven, lousy girls go anywhere. These girls never have sense of direction. They are like bees following a brightly scented flower. The walls of this very densely populated hostel are too thin , fornication can be smelt from three rooms away. All the rowdiness camps in this infamous hostel.  It has got the wildest girls but also very fun. As others are coming back from the various over nights as it dawns, these girls strut the walk of shame with hair scattered in different directions and patches all over their clothes. Their feet seem to itch, they like bar hopping looking for supper and they are usually the lousiest dressed people in the entire club.

Samuel courts Hostel

Have you ever tried being good and relevant but society got bored? Yeah, this is how I can best describe the girls from this hostel. It’s normal to want to adapt to the dictates in the Mubs society but these people’s efforts always hit south. From the way the talk, to the way they walk to the way they dress. I won’t say these girls are a disgrace to the fashion society but they are something close to that, and it’s like they agree on all they do because getting a different girl is as rare as a crocodile’s tear. This is also the friend zone territory. 2 out of the 100 dudes that visit this hostel eventually get laid , these girls are perfect cock blockers! This is ok. Maybe stick to that, it could elevate your status on that kataza street.

No offense ladies, if you’re living proof of a stereotype then we will make a story out of it.

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