The Bee never stops buzzing, where it stings you all feel its impact. Today, the lucky beauty the Bee unveils is none other than Miss Cynthia Nakiranda who graduated in January from MUBS Nakawa and soon to be Mrs.


Yes, that’s not a typing error, this beauty got hitched and he put a ring on it sometime last year. C’mon don’t be alarmed, these days it’s the in-thing for girls to get engaged in their final semesters. So besides being a daughter to the wealthy Seroma family and being pampered, Cynthia is truly her father’s own and this is evident in her entrepreneurial ways.


It’s no longer news that she is the brain behind the uptown Halo Collections shop located at Kisementi. The fly¬†belle is one hell of a go-getter. Her close pals, refer to her as that friend who won’t rest until she has accomplished what she set her mind to do regardless of any hurdles.
Cynthia Nakiranda2

Big heart

The smiley beauty is a cheerful giver. She was gifted with the spirit of giving. Whatever little she may have, she will give provided everyone around her is happy. And to think that all rich pampered ‘kids’ are misers. Well, Nakirinda defies the odds. Having everything spoonfed to you is good, but it tends to lower your thinking capacity. However, this is not the case with her. On the contrary, she is a beauty with brains.


From what I have come to learn, is that she is an intelligent girl. Her reserved nature may fool you or so. If you don’t believe, hunt her down and try to engage her in an intellectual conversation, you will impressed and embarrassed! The fashion princess is very ambitious too. I bet her biggest nightmare is not being able to fly to Dubai to buy those Michael Kors bags she saw on E! Or the Chanels and the likes, so this gives her the zeal to achieve more than she already has. So we have seen her hang with Sera Ponde and Kleith Kyatuhaire, two very contrasting personalities.


Church girl

One known for all worldly pleasures kinda lifestyle and the other the church girl who shocked the nation!! So Cynthia is a staunch Christian. Those close to her are well aware of this. The beauty of her being very prayerful and all, is she welcomes all, the Christians , astray Christians, pagans etc. She doesn’t segregate because her very Christian life will inspire a lost soul to rethink their life. You know how in Church they say, God will bless those who involve him in all that they do. I guess Cynthia is a living testimony to that.

Cynthia Nakiranda

Virgin at 23

For this final fact that you didn’t know about her, you may want to first stop what ever it is that you are doing. <drum rolls> This representation of God’s beauty has a purity ring. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a ring worn as a promise to keep your virginity till marriage. Just so we are clear, even males do wear purity rings. According to sources, she was given this ring at church and our sweetheart is one of the few virgins left. So her beau who proposed to her is assured of being the first to get it.

Campus girls I think I got you a perfect role model, she prays, she didn’t bleach, she passed her papers, she is generous, she owns her business and she is soon to be married. What more do you want in a role model???


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