Top websites to download your favourite music


What world would this be without Bebe Cool, Runtown, The chainsmokers or Kendrick Lamar; we would surely be in ruins. If you are a music fanatic, looking to find the right website to download that song that can’t stop playing on repeat in your head, look no further, these are some of the best music download websites on the internet.


This site picks up it’s data from Youtube so you are probably going to find all the music you want there. The beauty with Tubidy is it’s music holds few mbs. The biggest a song will go for is 4mbs, and that’s for the new songs, the old ones go for as low as 2mbs. Having YouTube at it’s backing call gives you access to numerous videos, from music videos to stage performances and all other kinds of videos.


These are Uganda’s leading download websites, so all the Ugandan music trending on charts can be found here. These sites have music charts, videos and lyrics availed to you a click away. With perfectly designed websites, access and manoeuvring isn’t complicated.


When Olamidde, Timaya and Mr. Easy are hovering your mind, look to these sites. These are two of the most popular downloading websites with all kinds of Nigerian music. On top of impeccable quality downloads, they also have daily scoop on all entertainment news from Niger.


This is another good one for International music. It has a global countdown with superb music quality. The only snag with this site are the mbs, they are quite high for a student. Some songs go for as much as 10mbs which is pretty high. However quality comes at a price, you want to be able to listen to DNCE loud and clear.

Fun fact; downloading is entirely free for all these sites. You can now put your begging antiques to rest as downloading your own music comes at your convenience.

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