​#SaveKato: Kyambogo student battling with Ulcerative colitis needs immediate help


Kato Allan is yet another one of those innocent souls that are going through a hard time. Kato, a student at  Kyambogo university is battling with “Ulcerative colitis ” a disease that causes inflammation and sores (ulcers) in the lining of the large intestine (colon ). It usually affects the lower section (sigmoid colon) and the rectum. But it can affect the entire colon.
Just like any other student, youthful Kato after his secondary education that he attained from Seeta High School. main campus, happily joined Kyambogo university to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in the year 2015.

Unfortunately, Kato’s health turned bad in  a short run which forced him to seek a dead year so he could get medical attention ,he was later diagnosed with Ulcerative colitis which he is currently battling with at Mengo Hospital.
Friends and classmates who have joined hands to launch a campaign dubbed #SaveKato have told this website that  Kato’s situation  hasn’t been so good ever since he was admitted last week. The drugs he has been taking are currently out of stock and these same drugs are ones that are hard to access around Uganda. Kato will need an extra funding so he can be able to receive further treatment.

The doctors attending to Kato informed his close relatives that his cells can nolonger respond to any drugs and a nutrient known as Total Parenteral Nutrient (TPN) must be administered to him in order to awaken his cells so that treatment can resume.

Kato’s mum confirmed to a few friends who went go visit him that a bottle of the Total Parenteral Nutrient (TPN)  goes for about 185,000 Ugandan shillings  of which he needs over 5 bottles for the start but he hasn’t received any.  It’s on such grounds that the family of Kato Allan is calling upon friends and well wishers that can contribute anything towards Kato’s medication to kindly do so by sending in any financial contribution to 0774-344661 (Kato’s Mum) .

May the Good Lord bless you as you contribute towards Kato’s treatment.

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