​Commuting: Every Campusers Nightmare


To commute is for a campuser to make everyday trips, to and fro campus to their fathers/mothers home. Call it day schooling, but for university students. Usually, this will go on for the length of a semester, others just a few days until their parents find funds to accommodate them in hostel or hall. Unfortunate for others, it will go on for the course of the entire graduate program. 
It is not usually the will of the campusers to commute, but rather parents imposition of such burdens onto us for no crime committed. Yet the punishment rages on for days. This is why parents should consider not being too protective of their children because their insecurities are costing someone’s future. 

It is not security friendly to have one travel in the dark all nights. The victims of commuting are usually the female students especially those who might not have a fighting chance with their parents to resist any conceptions of the idea. Returning home happens in the darkest of evenings, passing through shortcuts usually dark corners that may get one home early. Safety of these poor girls is only the mercy of the assailant.

Commuting deprives the students the chance at freedom. The students wish to have time away from the rigid rules of their guardians, and so hope to achieve this while at campus, then the true version of reality of campus is completely obliterated with commuting. The total opposite. 

It makes personal studying difficult if not impossible. You have the burden of house chores, and never an alone time to do that take-home that you were given at school. Little children crawling over your books and space, scribbling dirt, tearing precious paper. 

Commuting retards free growth. There is no room for growth being at your parents home. Relationships do not happen because your papa thinks you are still young or might get pregnant. Or if they do happen, they do engage stealthily. One fears to even gain weight because it will be a sign that you are not reading, only consuming food and an unserious student which admonitions will not happen while you are at hall or hostel. 

You get to miss fruitful discussions with your colleagues at school. During the day, You have class to attend and hope to be in discussions in the night. But home calls. You miss to tap from the knowledge of the students who will make a change in your academics. 

It encroaches on your space and other personal engagements. You do not get to meet friends or meet new people. You will not attend social parties, like the birthdays, friendship anniversaries because home calls. 

You might not get upkeep. All your parents will consider is transport and money for lunch. Any other needs may not be considered until you draw up a shopping list which freedom you would enjoy if you were not commuting. 

To commute is but a great inconvenience. Parents should seriously reconsider denying their children going to hall or hostel. Yes hostel has it’s own evils but commuting isn’t the solution to these evils.

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