On the Chilly Thursday Evening, Joseph (Not real names) decided to return to his hostel at Valley Courts, but before this, his group mates had organized a discussion which he kept forgetting. On this particular day, they had agreed to come over to his hostel anytime of the day. Filled with utmost excitement for the well planned plough-fest scheduled at 8pm in his room, the possible collision didn’t cross his mind.

He rushed off to Taata Peter’s Chips joint, ordered for fresh sausages, and chaps to energize the lover for what she’s about to receive. Rushes off quick until hostel side, enters room and starts the preparation.

Valley Courts Hostel, Nakawa.
Valley Courts Hostel, Nakawa.

At about 7:48pm Shema (Not real Names), the horn clouded lover signs into hostel. Enters Joseph’s well prepared ‘war-zone’, they have a few minutes to catch-up before the long-awaited chaw fest starts. Shema asks Joseph to shut down his phone and set the mood ready for sompyo. He quickly turns the lights low, woofer volume to max and pulls out his free hostel sponsored condom pack. Ready for the kill, horny Shema escalates her body for the leopard’s something something.

Unfortunately for this dude, this is the same time his fellow group mates attempt to reach him by phone but in vain. So these bwanas kick start their educational journey to the hostel.

Meanwhile, Field Marshall Joseph having a party on Shema’s body with all the power vested in him for about 26minutes now, ploughing and screams of sompyo are now covered behind the #WalktoWork Nutty neithan tune on replay. His group mates reach hostel gate, and again attempt to call but still in vain. They climb the staircases to confirm Joseph’s status as to why he isn’t picking.

Back in the war torn room, Joseph is climaxing to the top of his game drenched with sweat. The groupmates sadly approach his door. This horn filled fella had been caught up in the moment and forgot to double check if the door was properly shut. The groupmates notice there is music coming from his room and further continue to open. On entering the friendly match playground, they put the lights on by instinct and bruhhh!, what they witnessed was the talk of the remaining week.

Poor Joseph was on top of Shema ploughing along to Nutty Neithan’s ‘walk to work’. “What the F****CK!” The group mates shouted at first sight of this scene. This horrific moment was however a sight to see for many that heard the shouts, as many rushed over to know what’s happening. Guys, make sure your rooms are always locked when going into action and please wear rubber!

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