Campus gossip girl comes to you with scorching rumors; too heated not to be true. The rumors that have been circulating of late will get some of you nodding with acceptance, and others open-eyed in shock. But campus wouldn’t be what is without the drama.

Many have a profound pride and love for the Ivory Tower that is MUK but pride isn’t ignorance. We all know Makerere university just like the other country’s universities have thirsty administrators and lectures who chase after skirts with the biggest behind. A little digging around, gossip here and there, led me to this realization. A lot of heat has been directed towards  lecturers over the years for asking more than a salary from students. It’s so common, it’s deemed a reality now days. However, this time the endless rumors are about the administrators. The accounts offices to be precise.

Let me break it down, the men that work in these offices have immense power over our female students because they work in a section that deals with student’s tuition, and that’s a very sensitive subject for University students. There is always that panic time when students are looking for financial statements and examination permits during the semester, when these males finally get the chance to pounce like the holidays came early. Rumors have come from the college of Arts and CIT accounts offices involving this issue. I don’t really doubt the rumors because people will give whatever will be taken if their papers are at stake. So this isn’t mere speculation. These offices are drained from not seeing any campus flesh throughout the semester so when the examination time kicks in, the stakes are high and they take whatever they can get. One student explained to me that one of the men in the account’s office, purposely retained her examination permit and asked her friends to let her know he had it, and she was to personally pick it from him. You can imagine, you have no balance fees but this thirst has no bounds. It even comes after the innocent.

No judgment is being passed though whatever happens between two consenting adults stays between these adults. However, the unwanted pregnancies and STD’s aren’t passable as well. So ladies if you’re consenting, be safe whereas for the guys, if a female administrator is asking for you know what, run for the hills because those are red alerts all over. Women don’t tend to throw themselves at men, more so just to issue a financial statement. Well if you aren’t at all consenting, then too bad for you. However find all ways get out of that predicament  because graduation is real. It’s no myth. Whereas for the men in the account’s office pertaining in this non- consensual activity, “bambi kaleke, kaleke kasome.”

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