Trying to cool my medullas down after some hectic lecture, I sipped tirelessly and all I felt was the taste of natural fruit juice. This weakness for sweetness drove me to the mastermind of “Little Lee Juice” only to find a second year MUK Architect hustling it out with the juice blenders, fruits and sieves. Frank Ludovic Ssentamu thought of this initiative after experiencing tuition, hostel fees and upkeep hurdles. Fortunately he got a scholarship that caters for the “Ddumba fees” (tuition) leaving the hostel dues, architecture scholastic materials and regular upkeep hanging around his neck. It’s at this point that “Little Lee Juice” was born.

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As all small-scale businesses, he started making his juice and packing it in ‘buveras’ from Baskon Hostel. He put posters on all hostel doors indicating how Room F8 had cool fresh fruit juice. The reception at hostel level was the kind any business starter would need. Frank then decided to elevate this to campus level where he had his classmates make orders before class and then he delivers. The juice was now being packed in disposable cups, carried in a box and including flavors of Mixed fruit, passion fruit, mango and carrot. Together with a friend who was also dealing in meat pies, they turned CEDAT their business ground as they toured studios making sales. His goal was being realized as he would manage to get 15 liters sold out a day.

Recently, he visited FST (Food Science Technology) where he got expertise on packing, preserving and pasteurizing the juice. It now comes in packs of 300ml shs1200 and 500ml shs2200. Frank also employs 5 part timers once volunteers who help him with the manufacturing. Currently, 60 liters are produced every other day  earning shs180,000 costs exclusive.


Juice blenders often become mechanically disabled and it’s so expensive to acquire new ones as well as get them repaired.

The fruits are expensive and seasonal especially mangoes. It’s always so hard to cope up with the hiked prices and inadequacy as customers expect constant supply.

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Ssentamu has managed to raise hostel fees from this fruit juice small scale business.


This dude is one whose smartness speaks for itself and all this he owes to the business.

He has managed to pimp his room to a presentable level.

Just like his main goal was, he can now facilitate himself to a satisfactory level.

Future prospects

Plans are underway to have the professionally approved venture registered with UNBS this year.

He dreams of having a well established industry by 2020 to out-compete in the market and selling some of the company shares for proper and efficient management.

Despite not making it  through  as once a nominee in the 1st Edition of the ‘MAK VARSITY AWARDS’. it gave him courage to work harder and get his business returns, achievements articulate themselves out to gather votes.

D 5
Little Lee, Sentamu’s packaged juice

Behind every successful hustler always lies a backbone and when asked about what his back bone has been throughout this, he appreciates his sister who’s been so supportive in every little thing he does.

“Lower yourself and bend low, humility and simplicity have been key to my success” cautions Frank..

For a sip, grab one at CEDAT, Simpson canteens or at Frama hostel.

For special orders, personalised juice bottles, he is Reachable on 0789228250 or find him on Facebook @Ssentamu Frank Little Lee.

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