Emmanuel is a brave young man who has hustled it out all the way to prove to the world that success is open to whoever is ready to openly grab it.


Jawaconga M. P. Emmanuel is a student at Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology pursuing a diploma in Computer Technology.

His works
His works

He deals in crafts (beaded bags, beaded bangles and bakery (daddies, delicious mandazis, cakes, cookies, etc)
Emmanuel has always wanted to try out different things by watching and learning. In some of the businesses, he was inspired by a friend making the nylon threaded bangle.
The different hardships happened to inspire him considering the fact that he wanted to take care of himself, and reduce the heavy burden on his parents.

Some of the bangles
Some of the bangles

He says he faces a lot of challenges most of these are people changing their orders or worse yet cancelling it when the item has already been made. He also adds that there’s limited funding because what he makes from customers is what he uses to add supplies and more materials.
Emmanuel says the bargaining habit people has puts him down at times. However all in all he manages.


Jawaconga says, its not always bad in this business because he has managed to cater for his transport to and from school and also reducing his 100% dependency on his parents.

In the next 5 years, he hopes to be depending on himself, taking care of his siblings running a bigger and better business (bags, bakery)

In need of any of the items above, Contact him on
FB username :Jawaconga Emmanuel