The hustle continues for The MUBS bosslady.

If you’re told that there’s always a ray of hope at the end of every hustle and that even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day, then you’ll realize and notice that patience conquers all.

Patience,determination and perseverance is all you denote when Nigiwan Esther Linda, 21, currently a 3rd year student at MUBS Nakawa pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration, shares her story of hustle with you.

Well, Esther Linda is the founder and CEO of Quick Errands Uganda a concierge company that aims at offering business solutions and concierge services to different companies, organisations and individuals. They include corporate,Bridal,resident services among others

She started this company in 2014 when she officially got an office after a long journey of hustles. Disgruntled by a relationship mixed with love and business while in her S6 vacation, Esther has not looked down on herself again.

With a little desire and motivation to be an independent lady, Esther was lucky to land an equally business focused and oriented gentleman who built-in her the idea of starting up the business.
Having mastered the art of saving right from childhood, Esther Linda didn’t have to wonder about on how to get starting capital for her business since she had saved from her previous gone-bad businesses.

When the opportunity presented itself, Esther today is recounting the brave act of taking up a crucial decision as such.

“Quick errands Uganda is an idea that is missing in Uganda and I surely had to bring something that is unheard of given the current job market”, started a talkative Esther.

With the help of a supportive partner, Esther has been able to soar to heights and today her company sits on a hefty 15 million of net worth.

“Because I never wanted to be employed by anyone, I had to think real fast, utilize the internet and come with something as such”,noted Esther.

Campus Bee

In a good month, Esther the CEO who also doubles as the operations manager earns close to 1.5million and has to settle for Shs 700,000 in a bad harvest month.

“With this kind of money, I am able to foot most of my expenses and upkeep as I leave the tuition burden to my parents. I’ve also been paying my rent all this while and incorporated the idea of looking after my siblings and I provide to them once in a while”, adds Esther

Asked about how she juggles her business with books at MUBS, she in a jovial and thankful mode told Campusbee that she’s grateful to her supportive friends that ensure to get her all handouts,email her notes and the possibility of attending evening lectures. And she’s glad that what she’s studying is what she practices.

However, Esther stress about how she has had to deal with stress during lectures and chop some lectures but is quick at boosting of how she’s a bright girl who is in control.

“This is an alien business that people,companies and organizations need but don’t know off, limited funds,marketing our brand is the most underlying factor we face but we are growing”,gestures Esther.

She intends on going global in her business and expanding it across boarders. And believes that once marketed well, companies will welcome this idea and big contracts will flood in.

The hustle continues for The MUBS bosslady.

Quick Errands Uganda is found at Hotel Equatorial mall suite 82! Go check em out.

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