Epedu Geoffrey, a third year student of Mechanical Engineering at Kyambogo University has lived the hustle.

When informed that he would be featuring on Campus Bee as a campus hustler, he was very sceptic when told that his face would have to appear on the story. His suspicions stemming from the fact that Campus Bee stories have the potential to go viral and that was a fear.

“I am not a very public person” he would say. Whereas many would want to have accounts on scores of social media pages, Epedu is but a Facebook guy, which platform he uses most of the time to connect to his friends, family and the people he entertains should a gig come around.

“I do not like my face appearing in the story you intend to write about me” he says. I then convince him to give me an image from his past entertainment gigs to use for the feature image.

Some will call him a joker, a clown, or emcee but to him, he has no single description.

He does not know how to describe himself besides as an entertainer. He wears colourful-ness, face painting, a jumpsuit, sometimes a mask, a red doted ball around his nose and looks like Joacquin Phoenix, the joker  (but he does not reach those extremes the famed batman rival does to entertain). He plays Santa too.

He even detests to be called a clown, joker, because it is only a limited portion of what his kind of entertainment offers. He entertains both adults and children in scores of games such as tag of war, musical chair dance, musical statue, river bank, community walk, team building games, tied leg race, sack race, kwepena, communication games, balloon bursting, and survival for the fittest among others. Games specific to children include bouncing castles and trampolines.

He has had gigs each year, in and out, to find a way to raise tuition, upkeep, and other personal monetary expenses. He is juggling school, employment. Clowning and Emceeing on the side hustle.

“I like to make people laugh and that is what I always intend to achieve with my entertainment events” he says, when asked about his inspiration for entertainment.

This year, he is organising another event he is styling the Ssanyu fest, an event he is organizing “to ensure that any participant who attends it will live to remember that day because of the happiness he or she will get”.

“The various activities at the Ssanyu Fest shall be carried out to excite and improve one’s mental and physical health ” he adds about the benefits of attending his fun activities.

There is always costumes to wear at his events for pictures including micky mouse, Santa clues, spider man so that revellers would get a chance at a picture moment in them. The costumes will also be a spice up for the event.

The Ssanyu Fest will be taking place on the 14th December 2019 at Sharing Youth Center, Football Pitch , starting at 8:am till 5pm. The payment is only UGX. 15,000 for the early birds ticket and UGX. 20,000 for the gate payment for adults. The children have a different package, UGX. 10,000 for the early bird and UGX. 15,000 at the gate.

The entertainment activities he offers also extend to house parties, come togethers, bird parties, baby showers among others where a range of fun activities are organized to suit his clients’ needs.

If you would love a chance to be thrilled with fun packed, entertainment, trying out these events would be idea support a hustle.

Below is the Facebook link to his next event.


Epedu Geoffrey can be found on Facebook at Epedu Geoffrey and +256775818402.

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