This Friday, the team at the Hive brings you the Empress of Gulu University and yes, “We are still doing this !!!”.

Meet Elizabeth Nuwahereza famously known as Beth, a second year Clinical Medicine Student and the charmed beauty of the Northern based University that puts Al Bernstein’s beholder theory to shame. Call her “the Queen of the North” 

What Beth lucks in being a northern native (Nuwahereza) she makes up for with her extremely extroverted character, glamorous smile and enormous appetite (gluttony one side). Beth also doubles as a spoken word artist which is simply a sophisticated way to say poet and for those that know her, understand how outspoken she can mean to be. 

Amongst Beth’s so many hobbies is the culinary art, also known as professional cheffing or to we the lay-men, cooking.

She also loves to, and I quote, “kuzunga” and in this COVID-19 holiday alone, she has managed to go site seeing, mountain climbing and night raving all while in the comfort of her living room (I am as shocked as you).

She eventually hopes to actually do all the above should her side hustles kick in and also fund her exceedingly extravagant life style. 

Beth is a traditional girl, something clearly depicted in her dress code and cultural affinity. She’s enthusiastic about all things ancient, a trait she believes originated from her love of soul searching which is also associated with her love for literature being the poet that she is and this can be traced back to her book club thats all about the paranormal, something she’s closely affiliated with. (They aren’t accepting new members, we tried). 

Its also interesting to know that Beth awakens from her slumber two hours past the crack of dawn (don’t ask how we know this) and is a very involved member of the Gulu University community in regards to participation and enthusiasm. Join us as we Hail the “Queen of the North” 

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Eric Ben Kakembo
uGandAn_cHieF, Boy ?, Very dramatic


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