Radio remains the most widely used mode of communication in Uganda and if one succeeds as a radio presenter, news reporter or DJ, then they have made in life. Today we catch up with DJ Emma of Crooze Fm Mbarara who laid down priesthood goals to answer the disc spinning call from the bottom of his heart.

DJ Emma doing his Ting in the Crooze Fm studios

Besides the celebrity name DJ Emma, what else do we need to know about you?
Hmm DJ Emma’s real names are Ashabire Emmanuel an Information Technology graduate staying in Kakyeka Mbarara town and working with Crooze FM and Global Coaches Ltd. DJ Emma is also a brand as Western UG’s youngest DJ at 23 hahahaha.

You mean to say you spin disks in the buses too?
Noooo in Global Coaches, I work as a site manager for their building project next to Balya Plaza on Mbarara-Masaka road.

So tell us, how does an IT graduate expected to be developing apps and coding end up with headsets spinning disks at a radio station?
Ahhh while at Mbarara University of Science and Technology(MUST), I was the University’s Official DJ and that’s when I met a friend DJ Edwin working with Crooze FM. He introduced me to the staff, the top bosses and he started inviting me to spin during shows and by the time I graduated, Crooze FM had already employed me.

You look so reserved. Was Dejaying your dream or you coincidentally fell into it?
Dejaying wasn’t my dream. While at Kitabi Seminary, I wanted to be priest. You can imagine! and here I end up doing the exact opposite. Dejaying was a profession that never used to cross my minds but when I was in 2nd year, I used to admire DJ Shiru, DJ Alberto as they earned cool sums and I was like ooh ooh I also have the skill in virtual DJ and it felt like the game I play for leisure could boost my pockets.

A priest! Ohh Good Lord. Aren’t your parents disappointed at what their aspiring priest son has become?
Sure they’ve! They intentionally took me to Kitabi Seminary to become a priest and I let them down. Right from Primary school, I always boldly warned dad and mum that if they didn’t take me there, I wasn’t going anywhere for secondary (Laughs at himself and pauses for a minute). But I think they now love what I do coz after getting employed at Crooze Fm, I instructed them to stop sending me upkeep because I was working and I never roamed on the job hunting streets when I completed university.

Didn’t they ever sit you down in a clan or church meeting to make you switch back to priesthood mode?
Can you imagine my mum is a catechist, dad is the parish committee head and their only son has become a DJ. It’s such a very dry potato for them to swallow but they never called or discouraged me about it. Maybe one day they will.

Indeed such understanding parents are rare species on the African continent but I think that means you are earning a pretty creamy salary,  reason why they think that’s best for you…
Hmmm its not much but it earns me a living. The money I earn clears my rent dues, affords me the most delicious and nutritious meal in town, settles my bills at the best fashion stores, I mean I get what I deserve even though money will never be enough so i’ll leave the figure confidential hahahaha.

Okay just keep the tiny figures to yourself and walk us through your 1 year Dejaying journey
While at MUST, I was awarded as the best DJ and I’ve played at top hangouts like Jax Lounge but as a young DJ threat, I am not yet open to big clubs outside Mbarara and other places but soon… and very soon we shall make it.

Wow that sounds like a smooth journey
Waah there are hurdles mehn. You can’t satisfy everyone because some may not like my dejaying art but the shows in which I play are rated among-st the most listened to in Western Uganda. From the crowd feedback through call-ins and on the station’s social media page, the reception is positive.

As a flying spinning eagle, where do you see yourself in the next 3 dejaying years?
I’ll elevate from an upcoming to an established top most brand in Uganda— yeah why not? The progress is already promising because I am different from what I was at campus which manifests into to a similar equation in the 3 years to come

What a progress! Slick Stuart & Roja, Shiru, Mark, Nimrod or Simple Simon… Who do you look up to?
I look up to everyone with a dejaying talent to make the crowd go mad. I respect all the DJs in UG and Internationally but sometimes, I specifically look up to David Guetta

Boy your confusion charms won’t work here. Just tell us if you were given a chance to play alongside any Ugandan DJ, who would it be?
Hihi who doesn’t like the big brands Slick Stuart and Roja not forgetting my workmate the Legendary Riddim Selekta.

As we wrap up, how ready are you for the trending venture where DJs produce beats and songs for musicians world wide?
I am ready to keep up with any artistes who perhaps request me to do jams with them. I am open because for the vocals, I have, and the beats, I am capable to produce.

Finally what do you have to tell campusers who are busy skillfully mixing music for the comfort of their ears and maybe sometimes roommates or close friends?
I know they are many out there.let them continue practicing, become perfect but hey don’t sit down until you export your talent never know where the world will throw you.

You just won 5 seconds to advertise yourself on the biggest campus web portal in Uganda. Start
It’s Emma Rayne on Facebook, @djemma on twitter and Instagram. Download my mixtapes from djemma Crooze Fm on sound cloud. Peace!

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