A lot has been talked about the 19-year-old reigning Miss Tourism Uganda, Challa Elma Kapel, with many saying she applied for a dead year at Ndejje University and not doing anything to give back to Tourism, Campus Bee’s Jonah Kirabo caught up with her for a quick chit chat where she talked about all this and more, sit back and marvel through the interview. Exciting it is?

CB: How have you found the crown so far? Any achievements?

Challa; Yes. I am able to stand amongst many influential people in the country and I am respected. I have also been able to get many chances that I will use even after the crown.

CB: There are reports that you had to ask for a dead year at Campus so that to keep the grind on the crown? Is this true? And if yes, how did your parents take it?

Challa; I am at Ndejje University and whoever said that I got a dead year should think again through that because it’s false. They better do research.

CB: You have travelled at least we know about that, compare Uganda’s tourism industry to the countries you’ve been to so far. Are we headed in the right direction?

Challa; Yes, Uganda is on the right track. Most countries out there depend on infrastructure as their tourism but Uganda is gifted with a lot. The problem we have is people here can’t embrace what we have and they go for tourism outside Uganda. We have to adopt a domestic tourism culture at least and say I have to reach here. Let it be every one’s goal to our our beautiful country. It’s our parents to install it in us and us to our kids so we can promote our Country.

CB: Has the crown changed so much about you or you feel you’re still the same old Challa Elma before the crown?

Challa; I am the same just that maybe I am more exposed. I think better than the 19 year old Elma and maybe the fact that I have new friends and lost a few but such is life. People come and go.

CB: What plans or goals have you set to achieve this year as Miss Tourism?

Challa; I leave that as a story that will be self spoken.

CB: Youths say they really want to travel but it is very expensive in Uganda and left it for only the rich. What have you done about this? Any advise for them?

Challa; Like I said, It’s our parents role to install the love for our country and beauty in us.

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