A big number of campusers of that have been in relationships will agree with me that there comes a time you ask your self questions like; does she/he really loves me?  Is she/he planning to dump me? Is he/she just using me? And many others in that line. Well, am not an expert in these issues or love doctor of sort but today am only here to share my experience in a one-sided relationship. 

You see, it is very difficult to accept that you indeed are in a one-sided thing and not loved by the other person that you so much love and value. It actually takes some time to sink such a thought in mind or rather, heart because it is the one that loves even when your mind chooses to disagree.  One thing for sure though, the truth will always win and it won’t be so long that reality will kick in and your heart will finally subdue to the fact that you’re not loved by this gem you are ready to sacrifice all your happiness for. In case your mind has been too reluctant to tell you this, here I bring you a few facts or rather red lights that might act as symptoms to this deadly trauma that a one-sided relationship is:

1. He/She is not proud of you ,  and it shows. 
Well, we’ve all got that excuse, “I want this to be low key thingi so I won’t publicise you that much” I want to tell you, that when a person is into you they’ll show it and you will never doubt it. If this lover has never shown you off the peers as her main man / woman,  I request you pull the brake already and have some second thought about this. 

2. Ignores You
If the same person you treasure this lot is the one that ignores you then you know. A legend once told me that if people want to do something, they’ll find all means of doing it, and if they don’t they will always find an excuse. Forget the “am a busy nigga” line that you’ve been sold onto for this long and get ready to move on, for you are simply not on his or her priority list. 

3. You always text/call first
Brother, are you dating a parrot? If no, which love is that were you always need more that you are needed? You know a simple text like say, “good morning baiby” is not just a way to really mean a good morning but also show you that you are a priority and well treasured. So your probable fiance only texts you first when they need a favour mbu you are also in a relationship? ? hehehe… 

4. You are always the wrong one, and they are always right! 
You see, a person who loves you will never blame you and this is exactly why you never blame them, not even when they’re visibly wrong. Truth be told, women are always right, I mean if you want a long and happy relationship then agree to this guys. However this only works for the small irrelevant arguments not monumental ones. Has it never crossed your mind that you are always blamed for even things you didn’t do or did in good faith? Mine even had to blame me for telling my friend that she is my girl friend and guess what fam! Mbunno I apologised because I wanted her more, of course. Realise this and move on.

Okay, this list is endless and since this is from my own experience from this trauma I happened to go through everyday for close to two years, we can not finish today! All I will say is, agree and accept the fact that you have settled for less than you deserve all along. But forgive yourself and move on, the better days are always ahead or so they say.

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