Anita Fabiola Said She Flew In Her Designer And Fans Couldn't Help But Roast Her


Ugandans, like we all know them, won’t spare roasting celebs on social media- even when their celebs aren’t lying fam! On Monday, Anita Fabiola was yet again a victim of social media banter as her fans descended on her for, guess what?…….saying she flew in her designer who tailored the dress she wore to the Uganda Entertainment Awards that happened at the weekend.

“I flew my designer all the way from Tanzania to make sure everything was perfect. I’m such a perfectionist ❤️❤️❤️️…thank you boo,” Fabiola posted before being bombarded with comments like;

Karunga Elizabeth; “Nio Nio Nio Nio 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂my sister ooooo if I was you I wouldn’t even be proud of the dress colour is wack😪😪😪And you also think you have made it in life dream on
Me:continues singing, “It was all a dream nga biggy bweyagamba”but again this is Uganda Uganda Zzabu…Owaye since everyone is flying in something I guess I should also fly in my first class degree from HARVARD 🛩.”

Penny Keeza :Ug has better designers,the color choice, is off( u shld learn how to support your own) at least learn from the south Africans, I can see your friends with some of the celebrities there, they support their own. Next time don’t tell us that nonsense of simanyi I flew my designer from wherever u got them from.”

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