A PASS: People Are Hating on My Shs2M Haircut


In this era where everyone is battling to remain relevant, struggling musician Alex Bagonza, popularly known as A PASS is no different.

The singer had to tweet on his official Twitter handle how money just changed his life to the magnitude of him waking up to a shillings 2 Million haircut- something that raised eyebrows and mixed reactions with many bashing the cut and comparing it to the 2k haircut’s deep in Kikoni, even better.

In his reply to the same, the “wuuyo” singer says people are just hating the fact that he (A Pass) can spend ‘just’ 2 million on hair. Just 2 million.

“it’s funny that when you spend just 2 million on a hair cut people start hating. But why?” – A Pass shared with his social media followers.

Over to you, does it really look like 2 ma? 😟 You know better

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