Ugandan Slay Queens Now Have a Movie


Just like it was for the road, this is one for slay queens. With the increasing number of slay queens on our streets, real and self acclaimed, broke and rich; a movie was slightly long over due. We have heard songs and poems about these girls but hey! A block buster is coming to your screens. People have used various methods to put their messages across.

Dumba Derrick, a musician and actor, together with his friends came up with this great concept to convey a message very appropriate for the youth and “slay queens”.

The film deeply showcases the root causes of prostitution and the ladders that the people involved want to climb to be at the ‘top’ of the chain. Some risk it all, others give up and others lose it all. Prostitution has been a rampage growing business time after time and for most groups of people it’s out of necessity. People, especially women tend to get into or are driven into prostitution due to poverty and lack of jobs.

The movie clearly depicts such behaviors and how they start in young women, how they affect them, how this can be addressed and who should address them.

The movie is dedicated to youths, parents, and all stakeholders including the government. The major interest of this movie is to bring to limelight each and every aspect of youths’ ways life in society.

When speaking to the team they said, “We have a strong desire for promotion of talent in film industry of Uganda and addressing the challenges in our nation.” We must applaud people that think of bettering our nation in any way. This great concept is set to premier on 20th July at UMA.

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