Since it is a period where everyone is complaining about lack of what to do, ladies I have something for you. This is a plan to leave quarantine with the kind of natural hair that you have been praying for, well I am not sure if you have exactly been praying for it but wishing for it could also work.

First thing you have to know is that we all have different hair types, there is the very soft , easy to keep and in most cases grows fast (4A hair), then there is hair that is the mostly straight and soft hair (4B hair). Lastly we have the one commonly known as kaweke that is very curly and hard (4C hair). The good news is all these different types need to be appreciated and despite common beliefs, they can all grow to a great length.

Now let us get into this!         

Try to keep your hair clean at all times

Buy a sulfate free shampoo (check contents of products before you buy them) and wash your hair weekly or biweekly according to your schedule. Since shampoo usually dries up your hair, add a deep conditioner after washing. Be very generous with the deep conditioner as it helps with hair growth and work from ends to roots. After applying that deep conditioner cover your hair with a plastic cap and add a towel on top to create heat for 30 minutes or you could just go under a dryer for about 15 minutes. Important to note is use a cotton shirt to dry your hair (not towels!!)


  • Maintain a routine

Sometimes you will feel lazy and decide to skip a procedure but once you have chosen a routine please stick to it. You can use the LOC method (leave in, oil and cream).  For leave in you could use water and a leave in conditioner, then oil there is coconut oil, jojoba oil, tea tree oil among others. For the cream, shea butter will do great for you to seal in moisture. You can choose to apply every morning or every night before you sleep.

  • Do protective styles

Since we are at home, cornrows will do just fine for keeping your hair without breaking it.

  • Use satin pillow cases and head scarfs

Cotton dries up hair so avoid it and use satin in order to maintain moisture.

  • Avoid heat

Dryers will help dry and straighten your hair but at the end of the day they are just weakening its texture so you can try to stretch your hair naturally with cornrows. However using heat once in a while won’t do a lot of damage.

  • Drink water and maintain healthy diet

Eats fruits and drink a lot of water. You can add in vitamin C supplements for extra results.

  • Patience

Your hair won’t grow overnight so please be patient with it and in about 1-2 months you should be seeing the results.

I know it seems like a lot of work but think about the results, it is all worth it.

Good luck sisters!

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Fiona Bagaine


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