*Tell me a little about yourself.


Mark Mutabuza is my name, a down to earth boy social, free with any one loving caring but above all God fearing from a very humble family I am the only son. And the M.D Uzuri Fashion House.


I am from the 4th university in Africa…u well know it the Makerere University…in did industrial and fine arts…majoring in fashion and design…I didn’t stay in a hostel I was in Mitchell (the great land of the RATS).


*What does fashion mean to you?

Wow wow! When you talk about fashion you are at the bottom of my heart…Fashion is my drug… fashion to me means something unique something of our own. I can say its someone’s style but not the so called “swag”…something so creative that can be seen. Most people mistake fashion to be only out fits…but fashion goes with cars, buildings, hair style, walking style, out fits among other

 *How would you define your University’s fashion?

hehehehehe fashion at the university hehehehehe its horror some galz don’t know how to do it… and with this thing of color blocking oh-my God…Some galz don’t know how to do it…I like the dress code in MUBS, MUK and MUST but Kyambogo and UCU no no…

*What are some of your accomplishments as a designer?

*yah…I am changing the Ugandan thinking about fashion… they think that most of the nice staff is got from out yet they can be made here in Uganda…and better products are produced here home… I feel like changing the dress codes of some Ugandans.

*Who are some of your favorite designers both locally and internationally?

*locally, I like Grace Mutanda (Mutanda Designs) and my mother in fashion… Brenda Maraka… International Henry from Holland a great friend

*How do you select your models? Do you dress them while they’re naked?

*models are selected according to height the body and size…from size 6-12 I don’t use plus size models… *yah…they can be naked most times they need your help to fit in some outfits or how to dress the outfit…or help them zipper up..

Don’t you get a hard on?

Basically explain to us what happens I don’t know why most female models can’t ask fellow female models to help them to fit in …they want the designer if u are male to help them out, don’t know why…????????????????????? *hehehehehehehe I got used seeing them naked… nothing happens coz I have seen many of them … most times my girlfriend is ever with me to help me out… hahahahahaha but for the 1st days it wasn’t easy for me (it was horror)…but thank God that I am now used…

Have some models hit on you before, if yes how do you deal with it?

yah some of them have tried but they couldn’t move me…I told them that I am booked but most of the couldn’t take my word… some models wrote in some of papers (red paper) that me and her we are pushing out. How I over write on her wall, how I over inbox her, how we happen me n her…but I blocked her and I stopped working with her… (I only thank God that I have an understanding wife…thanks God.. 1: I am a guy who respects my girlfriend/wife

*What are some of your fashion goals?

*my fashion goal is: I want to change the thinking of Ugandans who think that only nice outfits are from out.. I want to show them that they can be made from Uganda and they are far better than those from out..

*Where do you get your inspiration? * I love nature so pick most off my inspirations from nature… (At the moment I am designing a water wave outfit it’s a Haute Couture outfit)

*Where can readers find out more about you and your work? Chat conversation end *readers can find me in my offices that is in Wandegeya university plaza shop A02 or call 0775342264 or find me on facebook (mark mutabuza /uzuri fashion house or in Entebbe AKRIGHT

What do you think about campus girls?

Campus gals only want money and they love spending on what they can’t earn (ma boys watch out for those “bu-galz” but not all of them some of them are nice and can make good mothers..)

What can’t you live without?

I can’t live without the rosary, it has all the powers that I need… I can’t live without prayer I can’t live without my wife. I can’t live without my phone I can’t live without fashion I can’t live without my family I can’t live without my friends I can’t live without facebook friends

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