By Agatha Muhaise

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Apparently shades is one of those trend that is not about to end. Experts and fashion critics have talked about shades over and over but we seem to keep getting it wrong with this trend. Our campus fraternity looks at shades as more of a fashion statement, which is not wrong. But we need to master the rules if we are to make any statement at all. Today we are looking at the common mistakes with shades.

Wrong shapes

The shape of your head dictates the shape of sunglasses that you put on. If you are not careful with the shape that you wear, then you are fated to look like an owl-with black eyes. To avoid this, check yourself out in the mirror before you purchase a pair. And if you are the self flattery type then ask a sincere friend for help. Look out for those shades that flatter your face shape. But do not think because Paris Hilton can pull off a particular shape then you can do the same, being a big fun does not transfer looks through Osmosis.


Over sized

Fashion experts emphasize the element of fitting shades. You do not want to keep adjusting the position of your shades just because they keep falling out of place. You end up coming off as very uncomfortable. However nice they look if they are over sized people will notice. Go for shades that sit comfortably. But if you have small head like mine, you can always find your way to the children’s (wink).

Labels won’t save you

It’s understandable that you are trying to make a fashion statement, but labels like Gucci, Chanel or Police do not change what you look like. It is even bad publicity if they considered suing you. I cannot argue with the fact that you will look expensive, but you will still look so horrible. If you really want the label, then take the extra mile of looking for it in the right size.

Not indoor

No, no, no!! Shades are not for indoors. Any optician will tell you that shades are meant to protect your eyes from light emissions. Therefore if you do not have an eye problem, the rest of us are wondering why you are putting on those glasses. Fact is, when you walk into a lecture room with shades, we are all watching and waiting for you to walk into a wall (no offense).

And for the love of God, do not wear them to club, its night for heaven’s sake and honestly, no paparazzi is hunting you down; leave that for celebrities.

Shades flatter your look just grab the right pair for yourself.

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