Fashion must haves before end of 2017


It’s just a few weeks to the end of the year, we literally have days and not months anymore at Campus to do our finals, phelix; guys this was one heck of a year, it should actually be called the BATTLE OF TROY ( I don’t really know how to relate the two but it just sounds good in my head.. LOL:) The only reason am this excited is that we shall be leaving our 2017 demons with it. 

Surely we all had our share of the year where you were happy and all that, we all have our versions of happiness varying. For me it is definitely the evolving fashion industry in the world. You can purchase anything you think that will make you feel a bunch of things and not only beauty and (or) confidence. 

Retarding all I’ve said, as a student and definitely a young woman I had pieces put together but we actually call them “MUST HAVES” before the year ends, remember it’s already November, does that ring a bell? We shall not wait for any one to develop. Buy all that catches your eye and find how to play with it with that kinetic force. 
We have; 

The Fair land scarf
The Sandal block heel and fish nets

The bad girl cropped top (from wild thoughts) 

The wide legged pants

The Tassel earrings ( Ugandan made)

The leather back pack

The Fringe clothing (throw on)

Shalom (meaning peace not my name)

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