By. Lynda Ddane

Dudes may not give a damn about what to put on or mind about their looks but if you do really what to catch the eye of that girl, become the epitome fashion around at your respective campus these are the tips you should take up:

When you hear the word accessory, generally it is not men that come to mind. There are a lot of options for men to include in their appearance. For example, you can add a pair of sunglasses, cufflinks, or even a hat and call it an accessory. All of those items can be used to really make your outfits ‘pop.’ Just be aware of the colors you use keep them all matching or complimenting each other accordingly. Now go knock them ladies dead with your new found fashion sense.

No more white socks
If you make all the above adjustments to your wardrobe, you will also need colored and patterned socks. You can’t wear white socks with your suits. That would just look funny. You don’t have to get crazy with your sock decisions though a small variety is necessary. After all, wearing dress shoes with bare feet is kind of gross.

Pocket squares
The pocket square can add a nice contrast to your outfit. When picking a pocket square remember the color should work well with the suit color but it shouldn’t be the same exact shade. The purpose of the pocket square is to compliment the suit, not to blend into it.

Your tie can make it or break it.
Make sure you find ties that are interchangeable with your entire wardrobe. You want the tie to match either your suit or dress shirt. Patterns on ties can be a great addition to your solid colors, but keep them simple. You will want people seeing your outfit as a whole, not just the tie. Loud ties will attract the eye a bit too much.

Maintain a nice hairstyle
Clothes aren’t the only important factor in fashion. Your hair and grooming habits are also necessary in your outward appearance. If you are a grown man, get rid of that old boyish cut. Keep your hair short and tidy. It never hurts to look good.

Shorts..,your friend or enemy?
Shorts are obviously a more casual choice, though there are times when they are not just suitable, but even preferable to dressier choices. The key to keeping your shorts from looking ridiculous is to find the happy medium between them being too long or too short.

Size does matter
That may not be true in all aspects, but there is no denying the truth of it with your dress shirts. If you are sporting a nice slim body then you should not be hiding underneath a lousy fitting size medium. Look for the slim-fitted shirts. They have a much more streamlined presentation.

Throw away your old Holey jeans
Whether you want to impress the ladies with your style or just feel comfortable, there is no reason to hang on to those worn out trashy jeans. Go throw away the ugly and faded jeans, they do not send out a very good visual message. Instead, they scream, “I don’t care” or “I’m just lazy.” I assume that isn’t the desired message you want to send out to everyone with eyes.

Buy some real shoes
If you are not a multi-million dollar computer savant, you have no business rocking your tennis shoes twenty-four seven. Don’t even think about sandals. All shoes have a time and a place to be worn, and it is not difficult or expensive to incorporate a little bit of taste into your wardrobe.

Buy clothes that fit
The most common mistake that most men make when buying clothes is not getting the right size. Wearing any type of clothing that is too big or too small does not compliment the male figure at all. Learn your measurements and use them to shop for your outfits.

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