These young photographers will inspire the photographer out of you


By Shalom Nicolette

Well you know how we fancy photography these days because it is definitely a new kind of art, a way to send a meaningful message which is very key in this century since most of us own smartphones. These two youngsters, actually rather, THESE TWINS started their own photography business HMEDIA which acaptures a lot of afashion.

They both recently finished their university(so they are fresh outs) from Stellenbosch academy of design and photography in western cape SA.
Moushin and Hatim Mustapha’s both have their passion underpinned on photography and storytelling. I can actually be a witness to this because I have seen most of their work and the most mind blowing thing about this is that they have actually taken several pictures of me and adviced me on fashion pieces to shoot in for my blog (

So I asked them what and where they want to be in the near future and they were so precise, straight to the point(I like such people because they save a lot of time) and they just said “ALL WE WANT IS TO TURN HMEDIA INTO A HUGE MEDIA HOUSE”.
Let me not fuss too much about this photography and bounce back to the main issue which is definitely the fashion sense of these ambitious fraternal twins.

Well, Moushin is more of the bad boy you can want to have, his fashion sense is the “asap-rocky look”. The point I’m trying to put across is that he is more casual and wears what makes him feel comfortable. He definetely looks nice and not forgetting the aspect of being “asap-rockyish ”

Suprisingly, on the other hand, Hatim’s style icon is Joseph Adam Jonas(one of the Jonas brothers) who is more “gentlemanie” and this is the ultimate reason these two are fraternal.
They are inspired by RICHARD AvEDON, a very prominent photographer. This is their voice mainly because of the fact that he uses just a single portrait to tell a whole story which is very intriguing to the ordinary. They love telling stories in this minimalist manner so they figured they could do this through photography so they took it up.

There are a numberof you who don’t just take pictures for the hell of it, or indulge in camera filters to amuse your mind, you actually want to pursue a career taking pictures, these boys should give you enough inspiration.

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