​Campus Memories: I Regret Having A Boyfriend At Campus, KFM’S Phyllis Namuwoya Recalls Her Campus Memories.


Forget the serious sweet voice that graces your ears every time you tune to your radio handset, KFM’S Phyllis Namuwoya is actually a very beautiful down to earth and outspoken lady full of humor in person. She hosts D’HOOK show with Freddie from 10am to 3pm every weekday on 93.3KFM.
Phyllis is a very approachable kind hearted lady and probably the most beautiful radio presenter you will ever wish to meet. Fred Warom caught up with the self-made queen of radio for a chat.

Good afternoon Phyllis, how are you?

Good afternoon to you. Am okay.

Tell us, who is Phyllis?

Wow! [Smiles] Phyllis is a proud mother of two very beautiful daughters [emphasizes the beauty of the two daughters]. She is down to earth, not married and a radio presenter who loves her job.

Which University did you attend?

I pursued a bachelor in commerce from Ambedkar University in India.I actually went there to pursue Bsc.In mass communication which was my dream course but ended up doing bachelors of commerce. 

How did you end up doing commerce yet you wanted mass com and what was your dream job?

By the time I arrived there, mass com intake was closed, so there were only two intakes left, one in commerce and the other in arts, so I opted for commerce. My dream job was to be a radio presenter.

Life at campus, how was it like to you?

Oh [looks up and recalls]. I had never been in a foreign land or away from my parents. I remember the clothes I carried were not suitable for the weather. By the time I went there, it was summer and it was so hot [she chuckles]. I had to go do shopping afresh. We had no hostels, so we rented outside in a particular neighborhood. Ugandans and other foreigners had a particular area where they lived.

The water was also very salty. We could eat buffalo meat though one time I was walking and I saw one buffalo, it was very big and ugly. [laughs out loud]

Did you chop lectures?

[Looks surprised] Yeeessss! I chopped a couple of lectures but I had an Indian tutor who we could pay about 200Rupees per month to couch and advise us on which textbooks to buy. The lecturers could a times speak in Hindi which I barely understood so the tutor helped us a lot.

Did you to go out often at campus with friends?

Not so much, we could visit beautiful hotels and tourist sites like the Taj Mahal. I also loved going to do market Bazaar. I never really went to a night club or church while there [Chuckles and laughs loud]. There was no church, I could pray through TV stations from the USA.

Did you have a boyfriend at campus?

[Frowns and we both burst out laughing] Yes I had a boyfriend though he was so abusive [looks sad] one time he beat me up oh God. He beat me up and I got a black eye. Oh God he was so bad, though we later broke up anyway.

How did you find yourself at KFM?

Long story. When I came back, I did some jobs here and there. One time I was listening to KFM then I hear them advertising and some school was training guys in radio presenting. By then mum was in the UK,so I asked her for some money to do ‘’something’’ which I did not tell her. Got trained in radio presenting, I volunteered on some small radio stations, the first station did not pay but the rest did till I got a job here at KFM.

Who inspires you?

I love watching Ophrah Winfrey. [Exclaims “oh my God that beb’’] She inspires me, she inspired me[Laughs]

Do you have any regrets about campus?

Yeah, I wish I never had a boyfriend because the only thing I got from it was pain. [laughs it off]

What do you think of lecturers who ask students for sex in exchange of marks?

Oh my God, that is un cool. I think it is unfair and really not ethical because the Indians respected us and our cultures, I never heard lecturers conning students.

Any embarrassing moment while at campus?

The day my boyfriend punched me and I fell down, he got me talking to some Kenyan dude and he punched me in the face. He was such a possessive boyfriend; I was just talking to the Kenyan dude.

Any last words to the youth out there?

Be very dedicated, read hard and pass well. Also look up to the people already working for inspiration and help.

Lastly, don’t rush into relationship because it will waste your time. Focus on making yourself a good person.

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