Joining a University is like being initiated into a new community with different kinds of people who come with unique behaviors. Believe me, the more time you spend at Campus is likely to teach you as more behaviours as your interested in.

We took time and observed various temptations at most Ugandan universities that will leave a good kid bad or the reverse.

Irresistible Babes/Dudes

Freshers from senior six are always surprised after stepping in campus premises by a slight look at grown mature folks who wear what they want. This is a place where girls wear whatever they think can attract a guy and yes, they are geniuses at this game. This is one of the strongest temptation any fresher finds a hard time to resist.

Campus Themed Nights

From Moslems to born agains, every fresher leaves high school warming up to party as hard as life can offer. Freshers find nightlife the highest degree of freedom and guess what? They enjoy it to the fullest. Clubs and bars around Universities have introduced free entry campus nights where most freshers have dumped their innocence.
Try visiting Club Amnesia on Thursday and have a living testimony of what am talking about.

Having Your Own Apartment

Because of this temptation, most parents prefer to rent hostels for their daughters and sons to avoid being feasted by potential Hyenas.

Unlike in hostels where students have roommates, life in a single apartment can be the hardest temptation to resist. Freshers living alone find it easy to party hard, invite friends to come over, which all comes with extra benefits.

Sex Minded Lecturers

Some university lecturers have taken the “Eat at your Job” slogan too far. Some of these so called lecturers have successfully convinced freshers that having a Lecturer-Student affair is the coolest relationship ever. Innocent freshers willingly give in or sometimes are promised to get better grades.

The Bazaar

The most spoken language at campus is “Party”. Events and parties are frequently organized at most Ugandan universities where freshers meet and mingle with different kinds of people. It is mostly on such events where students freely get time to know each other and exchange contacts with people of their interests. These events reveal the wild, the shy, the lovers and all kinds of behaviors.

Empty Pockets

The chief punisher of both the proud and stubborn freshers is having dry pockets. This has been observed as an impossible temptation to resist if you ever want to have a  nice university story to tell your kids. Girls have resorted to dating sugar dadies all in the name if getting money. Others directly engage in prostitution as a result of failure to pay their desired bills. Brokeness cuts across both Boys and girls and it is rapidly growing.

If you survived all the above temptations in your Fresher’s period then you haven’t got a chance to know what campus is all about in Uganda.

Hit us up and tell Campus bee what temptation stole your innocence.

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David Mujuni

Journalist | Video Maker | Dreamer. Hit me up


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