Why Campus Babes Choose To Go Braless


Inspite of all the benefits of wearing a bra, more and more Campusers are jumping on this latest boob [nipple] display trend. No matter one’s size of breasts, these young women got a lot of reasons not to wear bras.

More Socially Acceptable

It’s a natural feeling for young women to feel trendy and not accepting to remain off fashion. Most women today have chosen to leave their bras at home and Campusers have jumped on the same trend as well. According to most girls, wearing a bra makes you look like a baby mama or more of a granny. Girls learn from elders, It would look awkward for girls to wear bras when most mature ladies chose not to.

Saves Money

A good quality bra is expensive and landing on one that fits well can take any babe a lot of time in the dressing room. Campus babes who are deciding to go braless are choosing to buy only one or two high-end bras to wear when the situation requires it. Otherwise, our babes are saving money by not buying an expensive bra that will only be worn a few times. They are also saving time by not having to hand wash bras to keep them clean and in good shape.  I mean, this is an era of freestyling.

Because It’s Sexy

Let’s not try to avoid the fact that Campus babes go braless because the celebrities they consider sexy move on streets without any bra. Kim Kardashian rocked the braless look throughout her pregnancy. Rihanna shows up to events and restaurants without a bra. Anita Fabiola prefers her boobs hanging in fresh air, Nick Minaj, the list of these celebrities is endless. If they can pull off the look, so why not a young vibrant babe? There are some do’s and don’ts, according to some, when rocking the braless look- like don’t wear white if you are afraid of your nipples popping through, wear nipple tape like Nick Minaj recently did.

Do it For Men

Men’s fascination with breasts is also driving campus babes insane.
The visible dominance of breasts than the other sexual organs has shown girls that men like them hanging. So for this reason, campusers have made them easily accessible. We need to reach a point of forgiveness because the most crazy things all girls do are not for them but rather men.

Because Why not?

Girls all over the world are learning to love their bodies after centuries of being taught to be ashamed of their own skin. The braless movement is about accepting women’s bodies and their shapes. Babes don’t need the approval of others. Instead, they are asking themselves why not go braless? Apparently, Campus Babes are as well seeking their own approval unless anybody gives them a reason good enough to wear Bras.

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