Common Pranks Ugandan Campusers Use To Extort Money From Parents


Today lying to parents just siphon money out of them is turning out to be the order of the day. Campus being a place of events to attend and activities to do has forced so many students to either exaggerate in the required amounts or come up with their own bills and above all, the deadline is very emphasized on this matter. This activity translates well among Ugandan Campusers who are the queens and kings of concocting charges and fees. Take a look at the most common pranks they smartly pull off to milk money from parents.

Laptop Is A Must

One of the highly desired gadgets by most Ugandan cumpusers is a laptop. The undying desire to own a laptop is driving these cumpusers crazy most especially when their mates have. Such students approach their parents for money to buy a laptop and in most cases claim it is demanded by a lecturer and only those who own one will be allowed for studies. The worst part is not making the laptop compulsory but in most cases these types of students exaggerate the money needed to buy such a gadget. They deduct the required monies to buy the laptop and use the remaining for their daily upkeep or sometimes don’t buy the laptop at all and choose to chew the whole amount.

Academic Trips

Kasese? Arua? Yes, most Ugandan campusers have used this excuse to extort huge sums of money from parents. After knowing that their beloved parents can do anything for their education, students have therefore chosen to come up with excuses like if I don’t go for this trip, I will not graduate. The biggest number of campusers truly like traveling but sometimes they travel without leaving their hostels and apartments reason being they schedule false trips all in the name of getting money from their parents.

Contributions Needed

Campusers may have 99 problems but creating an emergency is not among them. Trying to survive the university life at all costs has made such students come up with their own emergencies like someone has died and we have to contribute. Or our Coursemate is battling some kind of serious infection and they have instructed all students to contribute towards this cause. Lord have mercy on Uganda campusers more especially because their extortion game needs some rewarding.

I’m Sick

Faking their own sickness is something they have well mastered until when time to take injections comes, you see them getting better. Most campusers choose to fake their own sickness because it is that one thing that needs no explanation, the parents send money immediately. Brilliant campusers have extra excuses like the university hospital has no drugs or it is very far to save their lives.


It is true handouts are very crucial in education but the problem comes with pricing them. If there is a machine to taste innocence, all Ugandan campusers would be guilty of overpricing the handouts. Most students give their parents a false number of handouts needed for a certain topic which all comes with higher prices. This process is the longest existing money milking technique because it takes place until the whole course is done. The tears of a campuser will find its way on graduation day since it marks the end of such falsehoods.

Lost My Phone

Kampala being known for hosting thugs and thieves, campusers use the excuse of my phone has been stolen way too much. They Target the most important time when their parents want to communicate with them frequently like in examination weeks because they know it will cater for their fancy clothes, extravaganza, name it. Some stingy parents play smart by asking how they managed to call but guess the reply…. “I borrowed my friend’s phone”

All the above practices have existed for some good years and continue to exist because most students believe there is no better chance to get quick money like extorting for education. The sacrifices parents make, the things they go through to get money is not any campuser’s business.

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