This is a continuation of the first series published last week.

After I had arrived in Dubai and been driven by a mean-looking gentleman into the warehouse, I was shocked to find 17 other girls inside that ware-house. One of the girls had bruised face and hands swollen. It seemed like she had been tortured. I sat next to her on the floor. In whispers, I asked what happened. She told me to do whatever they tell me to do if I wanted to stay alive. This shocked me. What was going to happen.

Here I was. In a foreign land, with guys speaking a language I could not understand. The two men left us there, locked the warehouse. The place was hot, which I later learnt because Dubai is a dessert. One of us hatched a plan to escape early, but where would we go?

We waited and waited for whatever would befall us. Until after about 48hours when someone opened and threw at us bread. We fought for the little bread, Considering that we were all hungry after a long period of not eating. After an hour, someone came with a list and called us out. My name was third. I picked myself up and off I went using the same van. The seven of us were handed another set of clothes to wear, and we threw the ones we removed into some basket.

After two hours of driving in the hot dessert, we stopped at a certain compound. People, the Dubai you see in photos is just the city centres. Outside Dubai is a total desert and I even wonder how people survive there. Inside the make-shift structure, we were subjected to more tests, which I presume were medical. I do not even know what they were testing, but I recall being pricked with injections. One of the injections made me dizzy and I fell asleep.

Next when I woke up, my other six friends had been taken. I was lying there, with another younger girl who had not been part of the group. I was told, this same house would be my home for the next months, “if I behaved”.

I was too tired to either accept or refuse. I recall being given a bunch of clothes to wash but I was too weak to do anything. This is when the gentleman gave me an injection that rapidly energised me. I honestly do not even remember what that was, but somehow, I gained my strength. For days on, I would wake up early morning to find the room am to wash from filled with blood and stained clothes of mostly girls and a few trousers. Piles and piles of clothes. My hands started to swell, my feet could shake and sometimes I would vomit while washing. But I got more curious. Each day, I would be told to go sleep at around 11pm and by morning at 6am, I would find so many clothes to wash. Clothes filled with blood stains, dirt and the floor always seemed like a fight scene.

The house had several rooms, of which I only had access to two rooms. One where I washed from and another where I slept, slightly locked away from the entire premise. One day, I was woken up to terrible cries from a voice I could identify as female. I quickly got up, ran to my door but was locked and I never used to sleep with the key. I looked through a tiny hole in the door and was shocked to see the same van offloading several girls my age. The cries were by a certain girl that was acting resistant.

She was being badly beaten. OMG! The next day, I found her lifeless body in the washing room but I never saw the other girls. For the first time, I saw a dead body. The girl was pretty with some kinky hair and a little lipstick. What the hell was happening here. Who were all those girls? Where have they been taken? Where are they coming from? I cried, I cried, I cried. But I had no choice. The next day, I did the unthinkable.

To be continued……

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