To many, Kyambogo university is known as the warehouse of potential quality graduates and literally disciplined individuals. To others, it is simply a hotbed of spoiled students indulging in all sorts of unscrupulous behaviors. From sex trade, prostitution in Banda streets and now, to gambling.

Homosexuality on campus has remained a silent issue but campus boys and girls are secretly involving in the act with the latest on our lime light being Kugonza Charity (Not real name) who confessed to to our writer about her unending attraction and lust for fellow girls.

Our writer, Jonah Kirabo went a mile further, disguising himself as one who would like to join the LGBT movement just to get the best out of Charity who has for long been rumored to be a lesbian by her close circles.

“Yes! Being bi-sexual seemed normal to me because I felt happy about it. Having gone to singe schools (names with held), and so much curfew at home, this was a part of me my parents didn’t know. And since they were busy with safaris we didn’t talk much about social and private life. It was about books, exams and results.” – Charity confessed to our writer.

Asked about what pushed her to go for this kind of life which is highly condemned in our society, Charity silenced me with her defense.
“Men suck! They lie, promise but fail to fulfill and then later blame you for it. Girls are always caring even when you don’t ask for it, they will show! You don’t stress or bench. You do what you want and the big thing is not getting hurt.”

Asked about how many relationships of this kind she has been in so far, the Kyambogo student proudly says she has been in FIVE and went ahead to tell us about her first lesbianism experience..

“My first relationship was in high school. I was in a lower class than the girl who wanted me and it was tricky because it seemed weird at first. She wrote the chit first, but things went further, more chits and this time with money. I would read and return the money back but it would bounce back to me in terms of drinks, eats and sponsoring me on trips. So soon I gave in and got introduced to other girls.”

She continues… ” We used to communicate via chits and programmed meetings but she left school soon because she was done with A’Level. She however used to pay me visits till I finished too. Sadly, shit happened and we broke up. I had to join Campus and life became more sweeeeet☺☺☺”

‘Sweet? ? how?’ – I interjected her confession

Laughs… meeting new people who have been in the system. Cute and dope ones…”

So this time you did the confrontation or someone had to vibe you?

This time I did the vibing bit since now I had learnt. You know if you’re used to the game, you can seduce someone and if you also show interest, one can pick you. It feels awesome when you listen to the sweet nothings, touches.. For girls it’s gross! ”
“So I was in one of their (lesbians) happening places. It was easy to spot the single and couples. I noticed some half cast. She was fine ass and I had to join in the dance and I asked her if she was alone. She said no but I just pulled her aside and we had a talk. She seemed to be enjoying every little thing I did to her.”

Charity told me that their main challenge as lesbians or bi sexual people is public denial because many people (including me) see them as a curse and this comes with a lot of stress. She is however quick to mention some of her achievements like money, which she says they’re getting from the many funder communities which she kept a secret from me. ” We get happiness, cash, freedom, love and good s3x”

She however concluded that her parents had started suspecting her and now she is trying to take therapies as she is considering to turn away from this evil.

” My mom found me face timing with bae. She got shocked and refused to talk to me for like a month. I had to leave home for a while. But I am now getting therapy, I guess I need a man and want kids too. I just stopped talking to the girl but still finding ways of letting her know what happened and I no longer go for meetings. They ask but I keep excusing my self”

If you thought homosexuality was just a nortion of the west, this is clear proof it isn’t.

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