Uganda has so far registered 9 coronavirus cases and 7 of these have been Ugandans coming from Dubai that were intercepted on Entebbe airport and tested positive. Dubai, that hasn’t been on the international red alert, has surprised many observers after ‘secretly’ harbouring so many positive people that have put Uganda at a very dangerous risk.

Experts within government have actually warned Every Ugandan that was in Dubai from late February to undergo compulsory quarantine as a way of protecting the general public from the scare of the virus. Today, we bring you popular slay kings and queens that were recently in Dubai and could be headed for quarantine.

1. Tracy Kyasiimire

Popularly known as Treyc Tash on Instagram and Snapchat, this bummy model celebrated her recent birthday from Dubai – with a cocktail of friends, some of whom we could not identify. The former Kyambogo University student released her Dubai shots to mouth dripping followers on Instagram who’s daily wish is to touch her honey oozing skin.

An entreprenuer and commercial model, Treyc Tash is currently undergoing self quarantine and hasn’t showed any signs of the virus. She has apparently been tested thrice, although we couldn’t verify the information.

2. Etania Mutoni

If you’re on Instagram, you must know Etania. If you don’t know her and are a Wizkid fan, you must remember the girl that screamed his name loudest on his first visit to Uganda. The Starboy pulled her out of the crowd and comforted her with a hug. Incase you still don’t know her after the second description, showbiz is not your thing. Concentrate on betting my friend.

The petite sugar brown Instagram model was recently in Dubai, taking mouth watering pictures for her Instagram lot. In some of the pictures, you could barely see cloth. She let the scotching hot Dubai sun kiss her. Etania should be in quarantine at the moment too because her favourite hangout, the bar, is currently under presidential lock and key.

3. Jim Trax Japher

Jim Japher, another popular slay king on the internet is a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS). Some weeks after the much dreaded MUBS coursework, Jim went to Dubai to relax from the stress gathered during the coursework times.

He rode in the desert, slayed in Dubai hotels and night clubs before returning to the country. By the time of his return, the virus was only in China and select western countries – so he could be safe. But would we advise him to go under quarantine, definitely yes. Call 999 when you see him.

4. Rashid Kyonjo, Mama Fiina’s Son

Okay now, traditional medicine cannot heal coronavirus. Slay King Rashid must be quarantined, or else, he will infect his bummy sister and his lovely mother who is the head of traditionl healers in Uganda.

This superloaded dude has been to Dubai in the last weeks, as a normal routine to spend his money and have a good life. Well, as it turned out, Dubai had been hiding infections and everyone that has been there in recent weeks is under risk of the virus.

5. Diana Kinobe

The sleek and fleshy juicy slay queen hit popular waves in Uganda when her jilted boyfriend released her nude photos for the whole world to see, some year or two back.

She is Ambassador Kinobe’s daughter and has been living and studying in Canada. Ms Kinobe was recently in Dubai too enjoying some of your taxes that are paid to her father as the Ambassador to Khartoum. Our snoops believe she should also go under mandatory quarantine.

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Musa Mwiiru

Is chilling on the ZeroChills Avenue- 6th Street Kikoni.


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