Recently, the Academic Registrar’s office released the names of students admitted to Makerere University for the academic year 2020/2021. If you didn’t know, each student admitted to Makerere University has a hall of residence/attachment.

Well, allow me to tell you about the 9 different Halls of residence/attachment at Makerere University. There are 6 Halls of residence/attachment associated with the male gender namely; Lumumba Hall, Mitchell Hall, Livingstone Hall, Nsibirwa Hall, Nkrumah Hall and University Hall. The females are associated with 3 Halls of residence/attachment and they include; Mary Stuart Hall, Africa Hall and Complex Hall.

The other Halls like Daghammerskjold and Galloway are more of post-graduate halls that a fresher doesn’t need to interest him or herself in. Maybe later when you’re extending your studies.

Lumumba Hall was built in the late 1960s and opened in 1971. Lumumba hall is named after the Late Patrice Lumumba,the first Prime Minister of DRC. At the entrance of the hall is the hall logo of an Elephant and a monument of Gongom. Gongom is addressed as His Highness, His Majesty and dressed in an undergraduate graduation gown.

Lumumba Hall

The gown attire inspires students from Lumumba Hall to read and work hard and Gongom is a symbol of unity. Lumumba hall is the biggest hall on campus and is located in the Western side of the campus just next to Mary Stuart Hall.
Students from Lumumba Hall are known as “Lumumbists” or “The Elephants”. Lumumba Hall is affiliated to Mary Stuart Hall of female students and this brings about the famous “LUMBOX” solidarity. Lumumba has the “GGB” ie Gongom Guard Brigade that protects the premises of Lumumba and Mary Stuart Halls. The Hall motto is “The Struggle Continues”

Some prominent alumni include Veteran Journalists Andrew Mwenda and Robert Kabushenga.

Mitchell Hall traces it’s origins to the very first hostels that were built in the early 1920s. These hostels were named after the first prefects (Seguya, Semakokiro, Bamugye) and were merged to form one hall named Mitchell. Mitchell Hall is named after the then Governor of Uganda Sir Phillip Mitchell who is credited for having initiated several visionary changes that shaped and laid the foundations for Makerere to become the World-Class University it is today.

At the entrance of the hall is the hall logo of a magnificent rat. Mitchell Hall students are known as “Mitchellites” or “The Rats”.
They also have the “RGB” ie Rat Guard Brigade that is responsible for protecting the premises of the Hall. Mitchell Hall is located behind the Senate Building and is known for the freshers bazaar which is an annual event organised by the Mitchellex Solidarity.

Mitchellex Solidarity is made up of “The Rats” from Mitchell Hall and “The Crocodiles” from Complex Hall.
The Hall motto is “Culture With Dignity”

Perhaps their most prominent almnus in the current Uganda is Opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye.

Livingstone Hall was opened in 1959. The students from Livingstone Hall are refered to as “Gentlemen” and have a solidarity with the ladies of Africa Hall known as “AFROSTONE”.

The AfroStone solidarity was formed in 1976. Livingstone Hall has the “AGB” ie AfroStone Guard Brigade which overseas the security of Livingstone and Africa Halls.
Livingstone Hall is located in the Eastern side of the campus and on the left of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Animal Resources and Bio-Security (CoVAB). The Hall motto is “Gentility with Progress to Succeed”.

Prominent alumni include Bank of Uganda governor Emmanuel Tumusiime Mutebile, a former Guild President of Makerere.

Nsibirwa Hall was built in 1951 and was named after Martin Lurther Nsibirwa, a former Katikiro (Prime Minister) of Buganda Kingdom who was key in providing land for expansion of Makerere University.

Previously, Nsibirwa Hall was known as Northcote Hall named after Sir George Northcote, a former Chairman of Council (1945-1948). In August 1996, The Hall was named “Hall X” after a scuffle between Northcote and AfroStone. The hall regained the Nsibirwa name in August 1997.

They also have an army “NRA” or Northcote Revolutionary Army that is responsible for the security of the hall.
Students from Nsibirwa Hall are known as “Statesmen.” Their Hall motto is “We Either Win or They Lose”.

Prominent alumni include former IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.

Nkrumah Hall was built in 1954 and was named after the late Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana and founder of the Pan African Movement. Nkrumah Hall was previously called “New Hall” and was directly under the management of Northcote Hall.

Infront of the Hall is Kwame Nkrumah’s monument which stands out prominently in the compound of Nkrumah Hall.
Students from Nkrumah Hall are known as “Activists” or “Osagyefos” and their army is known as “OGB” or Osagyefo Guard Brigade.
Nkrumah is located on Pool Road after the swimming pool opposite the College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS).

The newly tarmacked Nkrumah Hall parking lot.

The Hall motto is “Forward We Move”. Prominet alumni include Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda.

University hall was opened as a hall of residence in July 1957. The students in UH call their hall the only hall on campus with a culture of strong meekness symbolised by their association with a “Goat” thus a goat land.

At the entrance of the hall is the hall logo of a goat. University Hall is located next to the small gate as one approaches Wandegeya.
Their army is known as “MGB” ie Mbuzi Guard Brigade which overseas the security of the hall.

Prominent alumni include former Prime Minister and 2016 Presidential Candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

Mary Stuart was completed in 1953. The Hall is the biggest female hall on campus and is known as “Box” due to the physical structure of the hall. Mary Stuart Hall is named after Mary Stuart who worked hard for the betterment of women education during her time in Uganda.

Mary Stuart was married to Bishop Stuart a missionary doctor who worked in Mengo Hospital. The Hall has a monument of Gongomesi, a statue of a woman believed to be the wife of Gongom. The Hall prides itself in the “Lumbox” solidarity with Lumumba hall and is famous for hosting the Lumbox Week. where various activities take place.

Mary Stuart

Students from Mary Stuart Hall are known as “Boxers”. The Hall motto is “Train a Woman, a Nation Trained.”

Africa Hall was opened in 1971. The hall was also known as the “Women’s Hall”. Africa Hall has strong ties with the gentlemen from Livingstone Hall thus the solidarity known as AFROSTONE which was formed in 1976.

The Hall is located in the Eastern side of the campus next to Livingstone Hall. The Hall Motto is “Walk in the Light”.

Africa Hall girls host Livingstone gents during one of the porridge nights

Complex Hall is located at the southern end of the campus about 120 metres from the main gate. The Hall logo is a “Crocodile” which is located in the compound.

Students from Complex Hall are known as “Complexers” or “The Crocodiles”. The Hall also prides in the Mitchellex Solidarity which is comprised of both Mitchell Hall and Complex Hall. The Hall motto is “Harmony With Dignity”.

Some prominent alumni include Former Makerere Researcher and Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

The writer is the Editor in Chief of Makerere University’s newspaper, The Makererean.

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