A guide to UCU's shadiest girl hostels


Ucu as we know is a school and I call it this because of the secondary, no, the primary school rules it has for its dear pupils but that is not what we are going into now. For now we’re going to look at the shadiest girl hostels and what you are bound to find if you go visiting. Think of this as a guIde to shady ucu girl hostels. Actually, that is what we shall call it. A Guide To UCU’s Shadiest Girl Hostels.

Victory Hostel. 
Now you can find this one hidden somewhere the area. These are some of the classier girls at UCU but there’s a catch here. You know how on the outside someone is all showing off but you really now that they are really just shady. Most of the ones who reside here want to hide that side of theirs from the public eye but we see you. Plus because it is hidden of sorts, she can smuggle you in without your girl finding out. You will find her at the bar, she will drink your money then she will disappear.

Precious Girls Hostel. 
This one is on the right side of the road on your way to the campus. If you’re a person who is into first impressions, sadly this hostel will not do it for you. It looks like a shack on the outside. The owners really have to do more than just plunder the students money which brings me to the girls that actually reside in this particular hostel. The girls of Precious. These are probably the most ratchet. This is why. Of all the hostels in the area, you choose the one closest to the bars then clearly you have thought about what you want to do with your campus time. Plus sometimes some floors don’t have water and power for almost a full week but they are okay with that because they will say it is close to campus. Why you always lying?

Pameja Hostel 
The girls in this particular hostel are sharp. How and why? Their hostel has very strict rules about sleeping over but you hear of stories of guys managing to sleep over without being found. These girls have found ingenious ways to keep their guys under the radar of the tight hostel security. Plus because it is easily accessible, some girls come from other hostels and do quick ones with their guys in their friends rooms then go back. There was thus story of a guy who went in and did it to a girl and her roomie. This place can easily be f**kboy HQ.

Little Angels Hostel 
This one is affiliated to the campus and from what we hear, it is majorly for first year students who fail to get a room on campus. The rules on guys entering are even tighter in this hostel but there is a catch. Why would someone come late enough to bounce a room in hall if she didn’t want to stay closer to her guy’s hostel? The girls here usually go out more than the ones on campus itself. These ones get guys and don’t usually spend nights in their own beds. They don’t really have to try to beat the “gates locked after midnight” system, they just go to their guys rooms. I respect your grind baby girl. Just don’t let him break your heart.

Vienna Hostel 
Fresh girls. Fresh girls everywhere. Over here, over there but it slides off quickly and I’m only talking about their underwear. These ones are the low key party animals. These ones are quiet but they are wild and freaky. These ones will tie you to a bed and do the freakiest things. 50 shades fanatics. If you get yourself one, a loyal one, she’ll make your days…and nights. They are like cameras of their friends. You can’t cheat on her with her friends around and walk away like Bobi Wine after his win. But if you like a freak, this is probably where to start.

Of course I haven’t covered every corner of the University, but off my head, these are the hostels worth talking about with a big number of shady mamas.

I breathe writing.