A slay queen is not just any girl that wears heavy makeup and “slays” in pictures. There is so much to that. She must have her tenses right, big brains and an expensive wardrobe to say the least. The MUK LAW slay queen – Rola Birungi defines to us, who she thinks a slay queen is.

In your own words, what character traits deem any girl a slay queen?

Honestly I don’t usually like being associated with the word slay queen because there is a way it carries a negative impulse, they are usually thought of as the dumb girls and all they have to show is just slaying and going to the club. Most of the girls considered as slay queens are usually the local girls and I wouldn’t want to be associated with that but I think an actual SLAY QUEEN is one who has really nice pictures on social media, they know how to do their makeup, are really good with fashion and people always see them and appreciate. Generally they are always on point.

On a daily basis how many guys halla at you? Not check you out but actually halla, and how do you deal with it?

(chuckles a bit) btw you guys totally misunderstand this. You think Guys are always hallaring at some type of girls but you will be surprised, guys actually fear to approach, they feel intimidated and it’s kind of disturbing at times but then some halla. My problem is I’m not that good with people I do not know, I might come off as a bit rude or with attitude. I like well-groomed guys and those that hala on a daily are not many (doesn’t give specific number)

What goes into the stacks of being a slay queen? i.e  what do you do to keep you fresh?

Peace of mind is key. I feel like you could have all the beauty and money in this world but if you are not happy you won’t have that glow and it all starts with peace of mind. I am at a really good place in every aspect of my life. And then I completely love myself, I know my flaws and I recognize them so you can’t tell me anything that will bring me down, am also very comfortable in my own skin am not thinking of having a bigger butt, or becoming lighter, nah! But of course you need to spend enough “stacks” to look good. Eat good food it contributes to how you look, spend that money. Pretty hurts just like Beyoncé sang.

Every slay queen spends big on her style, so what do you spend the most on?

Clothes; I have a problem with repeating clothes I really don’t like repeating my clothes especially when you take a picture in that cloth. So yeah I spend a lot on clothes coz those I have to keep on buying. But I also have an obsession with bags, I spend a lot of money and buy a couple of bags at once but with these it’s once in a while spending.

Were you always a slay queen or did this just catch on later on?

(laughs)OMG! I think we need to define this but what I would say is all my life there is a way people just keep noticing me I don’t even have to try that hard and of course I don’t like it sometimes, (laughs again) other people easily get away with stuff but I can’t, people are always up in my business. Some people have actually defined me as a socialite and yet I’m not. I wouldn’t have managed to get this far (last year) of my law degree if I invested in being a socialite. But I think this whole thing started with my pictures on Instagram. You know the Instagram slay queens.

Describe your personality and lifestyle before you became a bombshell.

I believe I have always been low key except for my HSC and vacation cause then I had so many friends that were celebrities and I was into that life but after high school I got past that. So I don’t believe am a bombshell now at least I don’t define myself as one and I believe my personality and lifestyle have been the same except for the obvious things that change as part of growing up, I spend more money now than I ever thought I would spend and other responsibilities.

How do you spend your normal day like?

(giggles) Oh my God I am so boring! Now that I am doing internship I wake up early and go work that’s my normal boring day. Other days when am not working I sleep a lot, and look for plans later. I don’t like being in my room all the time, I feel frustrated. I like eating out and I also like dressing up even if it means having to get into my car and go buy fuel from the nearest petrol station I will do that. I just feel funny being home the whole day. But when I have class I go to class 5-9pm and (blushes) go to my man’s place later on if I don’t have to go back to hostel. I’m a very lovey dovey person btw.

What’s your typical fun day like?

My typical fun day means being lit during day. By lit I mean being alcohol induced, not drunk!! Drunk is stupid. Just being tipsy during day. It’s so good. I love road trips and girl plans. It’s normally fun with my girls without any boys.

Any tips for any girl trying to look as fresh as you?

For starters I think you need to love yourself because we all can’t look the same. God created us all differently unless you want to do plastic surgery. On the other hand be comfortable in your skin, make sure you are happy, eat well and drink lots of water (giggles) take care of yourself, you also need to spend on yourself because that money comes and goes. Don’t be selfish to yourself.

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