SHE MEANS BUSINESS! Meet MAK's Ayebare is inspiring the youths through Music, Dance & Drama

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A happy International Women’s Day to all the ladies out there. In commemoration of the day, we bring you Patience Ayebare, a Makerere University student inspiring the youths in her homeland through Music, Dance & Drama.

Patience Ayebare

At 16 years, Patience in her F.4 Vacation made a church announcement that never left the youth in Ibanda district the same. She invited the youth to converge in an inspirational group dubbed ARISE & SHINE to exploit their hidden talents. With the perception parents had about singing and dancing as a wastage of time, she realized someone needed to stand out of their comfort zones and disapprove them. And no one could do it better than herself.

Inspired by the Youth Friends of Jesus a group from Mbarara, Ayebare started her mentoring journey with four other vacists. It wasn’t long enough until her father realized his daughter’s dreams were worth nurturing. He provided financial support and gazetted the backyard at home for dance practice.

Ayebare inspires her fellow youth through MDD

He provided financial support and gazetted the backyard at home for dance practice. The group started hosting shows and performing on parties every holiday. The numbers have so far grown to 40 at St.Charles Lwanga parish the main home for the group. In addition to the 40 are numerous friends and branches of the group in other sub-parishes in the district.

“I wanted to show the youths that they can use their talents maximumly to praise God and that Fun is not only in clubs but in church too,” Ayebare states.
She after the vacation joined St.Marys Kitende but made it a must do every holiday to keep igniting fire into the group. With this determination, the group has so far held 6 concerts in 5 years. Patience also believes he has attracted enough talent and plans on recording songs for and by the group.

She organizes car washes too to frundraise funds for the disadvantaged youths

When asked how this has changed her life, she said; “I feel exemplary to the big team under me. When I am about to mess up, I receive a second thought reminding me of the figure I am to these young people. They look up to me so I just turn around and do the right thing.”

To Ayebare, this has opened her horizons as her Parish Priest a one Rev Fr Michael is working on connecting the team abroad with other groups.
Upon completion of her course, Ayebare plans to do a short course in Music, Dance and Drama to attract the expertise and create more groups in other different areas of the country.

“To all the young ladies out there, it’s time to inspire souls. If there is something you feel compassionate about, jump out of your skirt and do it for there are lots of others like you waiting for a whistle to be blown,”Ayebare who blew the Dancing and Singing whistle in Ibanda at no cost and you too can do the same exposing different talents in a different place.

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