Mary Stuart hall is one of the three girls’ halls of residence at Makerere University and I am pretty sure y’all know or must have heard of it before; that it has the flyest and coolest babes compared to the other halls.

As you all know beauty goes beyond those overly filtered pictures and the well taken strategic selfies in perfect angles to inner beauty, discipline, respect mention it. Well, today we bring to you some of the fine beauties that grace the Box (as it is fondly called) community and Makerere University as a whole.

They are all fine but today we are revealing the finest of all. So without much waste of time, here is God’s perfection;

10. Mary Asiimwe
Whoever said thick bodies save lives actually meant it and I am convinced that it was a well thought statement. I mean Asiimwe is a goddess of all sorts! She is such an awesome painting who turns heads and leaves the Adams of this nation having their eyes glued to her body and probably wishing for nothing but a portion of her thick body.

9. Suzan Ahabwe
Suzan is a full package with dazzling eyes and a relatively thick body which leaves many oggling behind her back. Her smile is so infectious and her kind heart is to die for. She is a very low-key person who treats people with respect regardless of who they are. Forget the perception that beautiful girls are proud, Suzan is the contrary to that.
To her, food is bae and her peace of mind is key. She is in third year pursuing a bachelors degree in social sciences. Her fashion sense is up to standard as she perfectly dresses in outfits that pull out her curvy and killer body.

8. Precious Ashaba
Ashaba’s appearance will easily get all the attention and her smile will quickly make you fall in love with her. Her eyes glimmer of the most important things in the world: love, peace, more love. She’s God’s only sample to creating humanity and you can easily think that she holds the universe together when she smiles. She’s so welcoming and has a warm plus prayerful heart. She’s in third year doing journalism and communication.

7. Vanisha Mutoni
Hailing from Rwanda, she’s a beauty to look out for. Fresh and beautiful with a bubbly yet fierce personality is what defines her. And ofcourse her voluptuous booty which leaves the sons of Eve with nothing but her ass to savour at. All these are coupled with her banana like -soft and tender skin with a glow to die for. Mutoni is a second year student of social sciences.

6. Mariam Bruce
Only expensive and exotic wines have such a name. Bruce’s beauty is perfect enough to steal any ideas and trust and if beauty was an art, she’s the Picasso painting of it. Talk about her skin complexion, glimmering eyes and height, she’s too beautiful to go unnoticed. Bruce is all that glitters and looks too good to even be true.
She’s friendly, choosy, good -spirited,relatively social and hot like fire flames . She’s a runway and commercial model and is too much aligned with photography and looking good. She likes to live each moment like it’s the last.
Sleeping, travelling, taking good pictures in good places and listening to good music are her.

5. Karl Mutoni
This granular substance seems to have been produced amongst flowers. Mutoni’s skin complexion will hit your face like a post – eclipse sun. Trust me you won’t withstand her glow without sunglasses. She’s blessed with a character to melt for, so attractive yet very down to earth. In her free time, find her eating life with a big spoon at the swimming pool, beach or at the movies. She’s a fashion rebel who breaks the norms and still looks awesome in her skin.

4. Martinet Ainembabazi

Her personality adds a plus to her and trust me there is no way you can fail to acknowledge the fact that she’s a very beautiful person, both inside and out. She’s a very down to earth person, so committed, jolly, smiley, so friendly by the way, loving and respectful. It’s no doubt that she’s so attractive and will definitely have you want to stop by and say a word to her.
Her thickness will sweep you off your feet. I am sure God can best explain this beauty because he must have taken quality time to mould and shape her as he paid attention to each and every detail. I mean look at her! She’s a force to always reckon with for a life time . She’s a second year student doing bachelor of music.

3. Edna Nkera
This soul is endowed with great beauty for all of those attributes beyond her control. Nkera is a well- moulded jewel with beauty that spawns from the heart to the skin. Her beauty lurks in every moment. She’s crazy, social and such a fun type yet blessed with high volume brains . You don’t get a Bachelor of laws at Mak if you are not smart enough (in the head).

2. Chelsea Mpanja Muhenda
There’s something unique about loud girls and Chelsea is no exception. She’s described as one who is a little too loud, has an infectious smile and a hard laughter. Mpanja is aligned with beauty, confidence and a good command of the Lehman’s language. She’s been on our screens and radios for quite some time tracing way back to when she was a Teens club show host on WBS television, Hot100 and is currently on Pearl Magic Tv.
She’s so much into dancing, photography and is in third year pursuing a bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering. She’s a rare kind of beauty not to say much.

1. Winnie Mulungi
A coca- cola bottle shape is what defines Mulungi. It’s not everyday that you will find something or someone close to perfect but honestly when u look at her body, you will find yourself acknowledging that she’s perfect. Besides, If you know the meaning of the name “Mulungi” then you already know what I am trying to insinuate. She walks with the universe on her shoulders making it look like a pair of wings as she wiggles her slim waist plus her big booty that can’t go unnoticed . She is a third year student pursuing a bachelors degree in education.

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