Who doesn’t want to appreciate the hottest women in the world or any society? Well today I’m going to talk about the hottest babes at Makerere University College of Business and Management Science (COBAMS). It’s not hard to be appreciative of the babes that grace this list of the hot and hottest babes with their presence and it is certain that no one would dare complain about looking at them.

While most of the picks for this list are thoroughly unsurprising, there are a few gorgeous gems that you might not have expected in the top eight. These girls have not only had success in beauty but also are on a course to success in their education.

Ndagire Latifa

Smart, brave, beautiful, interesting, nice and completely sweet she is. Latifa’s looks will easily draw all the attention even when she doesn’t ask for it, her glimmering eyes, appealing self and love from within make this belle a different soul. Small as she is, that doesn’t stop the curves on her body from showing. She’s a first year student doing Bstat.


Kayesu Hillary

This belle is a second year student doing BBS. Hillary is a babe with an infectious smile and skin complexity. She’s a little too loud but she’s fun all the way and her friends can testify and that tells why they enjoy having her company all the time. She says she’s just a girl chasing her dreams and having an amazing adventure of life, ”men can wait”(as she laughs loud)


Kabagenyi Josephine

Josephine Kabagenyi is a second year student at Makerere University doing Bstat, GRC School of statistics and stays at OLYMPIA hostel, unlike other beautiful babes; she says she doesn’t let her beauty get onto her mind, that’s why she works hard to achieve everything she wants.

The selection of Josephine Kabagenyi for any ranking of beautiful babes hadly needs explanation and other than her being beautiful this babe also boosts a great sense of humor and leadership skills too that explains why she’s  the GRC school of statistics.


Uwera Patience

You can’t talk about a thick body, skin complexity, glimmering eyes and a pretty smile without having Uwera at the back of your mind. Uwera’s well built body can’t go un noticed as I even think the blind can see or feel her beauty with their sixth sense, Because of her sweet voice you can’t talk to her without getting that stupid blush on your face. She’s also another third year BCOM student at Makerere University majoring in accounting. She is so passionate about singing and her voice sounds good to back up her passion for singing. You won’t believe nut this belle is just twenty years.


Rahom Suleiman

This list wouldn’t have been complete if it didn’t have a half cast on it and here we are. This light skinned Arab babe with a Tanzanian origin is a third year student doing Bcom at Makerere university, very passionate about fashion and also a God fearing babe. Her long hair, beautiful face and thick body make her look like a movie star, yummy! A business oriented gem that has been behind lots of events that have happened at FEMA for example the beach bashes and currently organizing the CoBAMs dinner.

Shallon Komugisha – Bcom third year majoring in accounting

The human body is the best work of art and when you have a look at Shallon’s dazzling thick body you can’t argue when someone says God is the BEST artist. A low key social babe that is passionate about religious music and too obsessed with her nice body, something about her will make you want to take her home. This munyakole babe will make you think that she’s the one they be talking about when they say “man was created in God’s image”. When I got a chance to look at her body I felt for her male course mates, like” maaaaaan, how do you pay attention to the accounting balance sheets when that type of body is seated next or in front of you?”


Barungi Mirion Grace

It’s not every day that you’ll find a slightly perfect human being but when you meet Mirion anywhere around campus, you will be forced to turn back, look again and wish you could have her around you to get bragging rights or even just to brighten your days. She’s a third year student doing BCOM majoring in accounting and a course group leader too, getting her onto this list was not an easy thing as she prefers staying low key but I had to convince into accepting . Her welcoming self and hospitality will get you thanking God for creating such a beautiful soul. Thick as she is she respects everyone.


Kyomugisha Joviryne

Super smart is not even enough to describe Kyomugisha’s body. A body like Joviryne’s doesn’t come that easy as it is fit and healthy, she works hard, she has a personnel trainee and the results really show. Regardless of her hard work, Jovi is actually a naturally pretty babe with all the curves, she’s the type of babe that will curve you and you still apologize. Characterized by hard work, the Bstat third year student can often be found in the library and rumor has it that she has a first class degree (beauty with brains). She is this rare soul that has infectious energy that will make you want to run next to her. You can as well check out her IG ”@kyomugishajoviryne”


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