Makerere University Business School (MUBS) is renown world over for being the campus with the most slay queens, the most sures but surprisingly the most first class degrees. Even more than their counterparts at Makerere University.

Their girls are classy and arguably cute but our snoops have discovered that they can never make good wife material. After months of on ground research on the topic at the Nakawa based institution, our snoops came up with the reasons why MUBS girls can never make good marriage material.

1. They are ‘Servants’

I guess being servants from a fuck boy’s perspective is a nice thing. But is it, from a lifetime partner’s? The answer is no. MUBS chics have served the honeypot to a point of no return. Maeve (not real name) a Procurement student at the campus told me a story of how, in her first year, she hooked up with and bedded over 12 guys in her own class until they somehow discovered they were all eating the same girl.

“Three of them were residing in Valley Courts and there is a day I went into that hostel at 8 am and left at midnight. I had three different d*#ks that day”, Maeve sheepishly told me.

2. Can’t Provide for the Home

This is self explanatory. MUBS chics are not home makers because they can never provide for the home. Tell me how you can provide for the home if you are always asking for transport whenever your boyfriend wants to see you? And don’t even think about making them housewives because then, the plumber, shamba boy, electrician and any male visitor that doesn’t find you home will bonk your wife.

3. Wasted – Drink Excessively and Smoke Weed

This conclusion is based on a true life experience. I have ever been invited to a house party of sort at Akamwesi and oh my God! I didn’t believe my eyes. We were about 20 girls at the party with barely 5 boys present. There were all sorts of whisky, no beers or soda and tonnes of weed. I say tonnes because it wasn’t rolled. It was piled in the corner and it made a heap whenever you wanted to roll a joint, you would literally do it yourself.

Long story short, we played truth and dare that night and the 5 boys dared and fucked about 15 of the girls present. There was a time when the game paused because everywhere you would look, there was someone either getting the D or two girls making out. It was a bonkfest of sort. I am not a boy but such are not the kinds of girls I would marry.

4. Huge Sexual Network at MUBS

This is partly covered above. The sexual network at MUBS is international. The worst thing is it doesn’t discriminate. It involves students, lecturers, hostel staff and any other horny person. I have a friend who confessed to me that there is one of the staff at his hostel that he was involved with and the girlfriend found them out. In anger, she lashed back and told him that after all she was also fucking her lecturer and that they would be even after breaking up. The audacity! But that goes just far enough to show you the sexual network at the Makerere affiliate.

5. Every 4 in 5 MUBS Girls Have a Sugar Daddy

Is this news? If you have a girlfriend at MUBS and she has never asked you for any money say for her hair, data or nails, I have news for you my brother. MUBS girls from moderate families live posh lives in million shilling single hostel rooms at campus and you wonder where they get money from? Our snoops have uncovered that every 4 in 5 MUBS girls have sugar daddies that pump millions of cash in them in exchange for their much desired fleshy and young sumbiz. You marry such a girl and she carries her sugar daddies even to the marriage. BEWARE!

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Ritah Varz Nalwanga
Lifestyle writer and humour junkie. One lady can change the world!


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