Well Friday is a good day to appreciate beauty in all its forms. On this specific one, we bring you the finest from Nana Hostel, one of the flyest hostels around Makerere University. They heard that their nemesis Olympia had girls ruling these streets and have accepted the challenge. Generally without further waste of time, presenting;

10. Namirimu Slyvia

Well known as Sly, she is in her third year doing Bachelor of Arts in Economics. You can actually sketch a curve on this girls waist because it is really slim and well shaped. She is usually hanging out with her friends or eating (speak of the blessed one). She is also really one jolly bird and her smile will have you wishing it stayed forever for you to see.

9. Asasira Nina Komukama

Nina is one whose beauty isn’t just on the surface but goes to a deeper understanding with her God, she is actually a cell leader for one of the cells in Nana Hostel. She is in her second year at Law School, a Manchester United die hard (strong heart here), extremely loves finding new places to eat. Her laughter is also one that really re echoes throughout the whole of Nana.

8. Umuhoza Jeanne

This beauty hailing from Rwanda is endowed with much more than just beauty, she is beautiful in a way that makes you smile at heart, not forgetting her perfectly shaped body and smile.  She is always happy to meet new people and kids really take her attention. She is in her second year doing Bachelor of Statistics. In her free time she will catch a movie or food, whichever comes first.

7. Aryasingura Celia

Her big bright eyes are what you notice first when you see her so please don’t stare too long, you might fall in love. Celia is a third year Law student that has traveled to very many places. She loves a good time with friends, count on her to rock the latest fashion trends (because well this lifestyle chose her). She loves dancing, listening to music and watching cooking shows.

6. Ninsiima Gillian

First thing that will get your attention is her skin and her joyful character. She is always very loud, (her loud laughter also doesn’t go unnoticed) but that comes with a compliment of a perfect smile with perfectly lined teeth. Shopping is a thing she does so her general outlook is one that can’t go unappreciated. Gillian is one of the beauties that bless the grounds of COBAMS, she is in her third year pursuing Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics.

5. Martha Valerie

Lights, camera, smile, dimples!! She has one of those smiles that make the day appear brighter than it actually is, you might actually smile back without noticing it. Martha is in her second year doing Bachelor of Science in Economics. (Beautiful women know Maths). She is very down to earth and always has a smile to lift everyone up.  She is always coming out looking like a snack as fashion loves her and her body also compliments the outfits.

4. Kiddu Stephanie

There is something about her free spirit that makes everyone around her feel at peace and fitting in. She never gets her attires wrong so looking good is one of her hobbies. She is in her third year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics degree. A night out once in a while is a great idea and she is always open to learning a few new things.

3. Tukesiga Linda

Brown skin girl blessed with a well curved body and radiant smile brings us to Linda. Once you meet her, you don’t just stare once you have to take a second look because wow, she is beautiful. This Mbarara born is in her third year doing Social Sciences, she loves having a good time so bad energy please stay far away.

2. Aturinda Gran Blessing

Her beauty and gentle character really make her stand out. She is one that you would want to have an actual painting made of as you take your time to appreciate her. She is in her second year pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences. She is always down for a movie or two, loves dancing and spending time with her friends.

1. Utamuriza Joanna Bideri

It’s not every day that you meet perfect but well, if you’re lucky enough to meet her then you are on the right path to perfect.  Joanna is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Medicine at UCU, very interested in poetry and open to challenges. Her skin actually makes the sun shine brighter, not forgetting her well-shaped body. She loves travelling, sleeps in quite too much but oh well beauty sleep is also quite necessary. In her free time she will be reciting poetry or travelling to see more of the world.

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Fiona Bagaine


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