With that strange feeling every kid gets when joining a university in northern Uganda with Gulu University being non exceptional, the question is always, “will I handle eating gwana (cassava) and beans for 3, 4 or 5 years?

Well, am here to give you hope, it’s not entirely death like as it sounds, food is in plenty and variety. I’ll walk you through what and where to find what at exactly what your pocket can afford for breakfast, lunch and supper around Gulu University.

Jose Restaurant

I guess your mind and thoughts were obviously here, yes, this restaurant has mastered the art of cooking not only tradition dishes but a few modern day foods too. Being relatively opposite the university gate, a few meters to the university and very accessible even with the last ounces of strength, Jose Restaurant serves dishes ranging from most vegetable dishes, if not all posho, rice, millet bread, cassava, sweet potatoes, Irish and so forth. Sauce include; meat of all varieties, beans, ground nut stew and so much more including Acholi traditional foods that you must see and taste for yourself.

Breakfast ranges from 1000 to 5000/ whereas lunch per plate ranges between 2,000/ and 8,000/. The restaurant has often been flooded by Gulu University staff both teaching and non teaching on a very regular basis event when the semester comes to an end.

Public Café

Located within the university residence, the public café is owned and supervised by the university administration that ensures fairly stable food prices over time as well as quality services. Breakfast and lunch are the two meals served on a week day basis from Monday to Friday unless otherwise. Meals go for between 3,000 to 8,000 per plate. This hangout has very clean and comfortable space with a DStv installed; wall sockets where one can do his or her work and easily connect to the university WIFI hotspots.

Agira Restaurant

Located about 200 meters from the university gate towards Gulu town as you leave the university next to Agira hostel, this restaurant is yet another food joint you wouldn’t leave the university without checking out. Over the years, it has been recognised for its delicious chicken meals where a plate goes for about 4,000 to 5,000/.

Clean and very comfy, this spot if flocked by the very many weekend students who queue up for the tasty meals making it very busy on Friday afternoons with the same trend till Sunday. 

Food prices range from 2500/ to 6000/ per plate. Due to its comfortable and spacious eating space, its been used on a number of occasions by clubs and societies as avenue for their club meetings, tea parties and rally grounds.

Vincent’s Delights

This is a spot almost every Gulu University student has been to not for food but information and then food come next. Having been in operation for over 10 years at Gulu University, located next to Florida hostel, the spot is a must visit for your quick food needs.

With the tastiest rolex, meat and cow pea sumbusas as well as pilawo, Vincent’s delight has mastered the art of customer service. This male run eating spot has stood the taste of time in that a time comes and it becomes a strategising venue for political aspirants. They meet up at Vincent’s delight; catch a bite and meetings kick start. This is because of the friendly nature of the chefs who are a team of three young men with the most likeable called Kafero.

Onono Restaurant

This new spot being less than a year old has set standards that have seen numbers flocking its direction alarming. With variety of dishes at pocket friendly prices, Onono restaurant offers very tasty food with a menus of local dishes as well as what most of their customers deem fit. They are very flexible with variety that you shouldn’t be surprised to find changes in the menus on a daily basis or weekly. 

This food joint is located about 3000meters from the university gate just adjust cent to Florida hostel before reaching University View Hostel (UVH). The problem with Onono is it construction is full enclosure without adequate light in that if one needs to catch fresh cold air, it may be a luxury at this spot that one cannot afford to get.

Mego Lapit and Min Emma restaurants

These two hung outs have been a major destination for students given that they are located opposite each other offering exactly the same food varieties at the same price. I would love to call them direct substitutes for each other whereby choosing between A and B would depend on very minor factors like the company I have or mood swings at that exact minute of decision.

These two food joints are well known for serving plenty of food for onsite consumption or take away packages, food prices range between 2000 and 4000.

The two spots are located next to New Augusts Hostel after sloping down from Basma hostel around Dire market

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