The Direct entry admission lists have been released at Kyambogo University, and thus by now, you should be in position to know whether you are to join the Banda based institution or not.

If you are the kind that is already sure of a place at this University, well first things first, you need to feed as you go about your academics and I am well aware of the hustle that fresher students face while identifying the best places to have their meals throughout the semester. Many of you will opt to make prepayments at a restaurant you know nothing about and later regret the poor meals and services offered.

This is why you should allow me be your guide as I take you through a tour of the top food joints at Kyambogo University

1. Mamas Food Corner

If you’ve been to Kyambogo, I’m sure you’ve seen or heard of this restaurant, but if you haven’t, then I’m beginning to doubt your taste for delicious food. Mama’s Restaurant is one of the best and yet easy on the pocket of most students at the university. I’m not saying it is located in a place as posh as the one you’re imagining now but I’m sure you won’t regret paying for a plate of food at this joint. Mama’s is situated in Banda a few metres from the university. Lunch and supper at this joint costs between UGX 2000 and UGX 7000 depending on the dish you’ve ordered for.

2. Zencon Restaurant

Are you the type that wants to have a meal in a cool and neat restaurant before even considering the quality and quantity of the food offered? Try Zencon restaurant. Of course I won’t deceive you that the food here matches the quantity of Mama’s but at least it’s a more comfortable and posh place to have your lunch or supper at. Zencon offers breakfast, lunch, supper and dinner. There’s also juice and other drinks offered here. DSTV and Pool are also available here. However, Zencon is a little bit more expensive than other ordinary restaurants in Banda. Food prices range from UGX 3500 to UGX 10,000, the difference created by the type of food you’ll order.

3. Hanis Restaurant and Grill

Tell you what, you want to have your meal in Banda and be at Campus on time, probably for an afternoon lecture? There’s no better choice than Hanis Restaurant and Grill. Hanis is just opposite Kyambogo University gate and this justifies why. The food at Hanis is of good quality and there’s actually ice cream sold here for as low as UGX 1000. However, the biggest problem with this restaurant is high traffic during lunch hours due to its close proximity to Campus, so you may need to consider arriving at the restaurant as early as 12:50 PM if you want to grab eating space here. Meals range from UGX 3000 to UGX 10,000.

4. Good Shepherd Restaurant

Just as the name suggests, Good Shepherd Restaurant is as very popular food joint for Kyambogo University students. It will serve you best if you plan on residing at Good Shepherd hostel, Eniad hostel, and Kabojja hostel. Their food is of good quality but the biggest challenge is that you won’t find much space to sit down at this restaurant and have your meal. Good Shepherd is best for those who want to take food to their hostel rooms in containers and eat it from there. This restaurant is located next to Good Shepherd hostel and prices range from UGX 3000 to UGX 7000.

5. Servite Restaurant

This restaurant is situated at Servite Hostel, one of the most prominent residential hostels for Kyambogo University students. It is a posh restaurant, but worry not, the food here is cheaper than you would expect. The restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and supper and there are provisions to pay for a whole semester at a discounted price. However, I should warn you that the hostel Management keeps on changing service providers at this restaurant and thus it’ll be risky to cash in for the whole semester. Prices for food range from UGX 3000 to UGX 7000.

6. Nanziri Canteen

Nanziri Canteen has a restaurant and it is found within Campus, suitable for students who are too hungry to move out for lunch or simply want to stay around Campus the whole day. It is just near Nanziri hall of residence and a busy one during lunch hours. All types of food are offered at this restaurant and the prices range from UGX 3500 to UGX 7500.

7. East End and West End Dinning Halls

My duty is to show you where you will access food easiest and more conveniently and thus I won’t leave out these inside service providers. East End Dinning Hall is found near Mandela and Nanziri Halls whereas West End Dining Hall is opposite Peace Park and North of the faculty of Engineering. These Dining Halls have service providers that provide meals to government students but you could also buy food from them. The advantage is that their food is cheaper than most outside sources.

8. Mujuni and Sons Restaurant

Finally, I won’t leave without mentioning that this is one of the best restaurants in Banda. It neighbours Mama’s Food Corner and actually, it’s a tendency for fresher’s to confuse this restaurant for Mama’s food corner. Good enough, they both offer delicious meals and thus making it difficult to draw a line between the two. Food prices here range from UGX 2500 to UGX 6000. 

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