I’ve always been told that campus spoils people…that it sort of taints you, so you have to be extra careful as regards to your choices, your friendships among other things. Before I got here, I received all forms of advice…It’s like everyone was trying to warn me of an imminent danger.

Well, now I’m here and if you ask me, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as being corrupted by campus. I believe that what actually happens, these so-called `changes in people’s characters’, are not changes at all. They are just manifestations of their true selves brought to light for the first time. Who they truly are comes to light amidst the `freedom’. We can’t truly know ourselves until we are free to decide and do whatever we desire. The people that we are when we think no one is watching is who we really are and more often than not, we don’t let people see this because we are afraid of being judged! We are stuck acting our own lives for the sake of others but deep down we are all busy fighting our own demons, fighting to suppress the urges that ought not to be…well I’ve acted long enough…

I don’t know about the rest of the people who may be going through what I go through, but I figured I’m not so good an actress. Whether that makes me weaker than they are for not being strong enough to fight my urges I do not know. Whether it makes me stronger for being able to accept myself and do what I truly desire with the bravery they cannot master is just a matter of opinion.

So before anyone judges me, before they cast stones, keep it in my mind that I’ve tried all my life to act just like the rest but I guess…no, I know I’ve reached my limit.
`Spoilt’, no, I’m not spoilt, or about to get spoilt, I’m just starting to enjoy being me in an uninhibited sort of way. It’s so thrilling already and I haven’t been around for long.

For once in my life, I’ll be living for me. I won’t deny I’m excited to meet me at last because I’m going to test myself in all angles, so it’s okay to say I have lots of excitement. I’m pretty curious because there’s a lot I don’t know, but well, I’ll learn along the way. Step by step I’ll master being me and if I meet mistakes along this journey, I just hope they won’t be too big to be mended. I’ll be careful like I was advised to be, but I’ll also have fun as me! I do hope that my time as a fresher will be a time worth to be told tales about…

Yours truly,

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