I happened to have a sleepover at a guy’s place pretty recently. No, we are not romantically involved or anything like that…never even flirted. Just one of those nights when you cannot get back to your room and a sleepover seems like the best option; he suggested it. My favourite attire to bed is nude…but well I couldn’t do that around him. He got me a t-shirt and a pair of his boxers to wear. The moment I got those boxers on, I knew I was in trouble. I’m a wild thinker…my thoughts are unrestrained. Within seconds I was thinking of him in that very pair of boxers…the piece of clothing touching him intimately in the most sacred parts. I don’t know why but it was simply arousing, my body reacted on its own accord.

`Are you OK,’ he asked. I looked back at him, suddenly seeing him in a new light. I could make out the swell of his penis within the boxers he was wearing. He wasn’t hard, but I could still make out…I swallowed hard.
`Yes,’ I said.
`You seem rather nervous though. Relax I won’t rape you.’ I didn’t respond, just got into bed quietly, cursing my body for making me want things I shouldn’t be thinking of. He got into his own side of the bed. There was a healthy distance between us…so we couldn’t accidentally touch. My heart was beating so hard I think he could hear it.

Maybe I should mention this was my first sleepover that involved being in a guy’s bed. I’m still coming to terms with the idea of sex…not really experienced in that department so I didn’t know what to do under the circumstances. He hadn’t even touched me but I was sexually aroused(did that make me some sort of pervert????). I shut my eyes tightly trying to make the thoughts disappear.

I don’t know at what point exactly I slept off but I woke up in a start during the course of the night. I was right next to him, my butt right against his crotch. There was no denying the hardness of his penis against my butt. I shifted my ass a bit to be sure. There was no mistaking it, he was hard. Was he awake? My heart started thudding all over again. I could hear the sound of his breathing, it didn’t seem like he was awake. I turned carefully pretending to still be asleep just in case then I looked through my lashes, yes, his eyes were closed. I studied is face for a while to be sure he was asleep till I was convinced that he was. Now what? My curiosity took over me so I lightly placed my hand over his penis and studied his face to gauge his reaction. There was no visible reaction so I gained the courage to do what I did next.

I pushed him lightly onto his back, careful not to wake him. I don’t know how I would have explained my actions if he had woken up at that moment. I tossed the covers aside, making use of the lights seeping through the window to study his face. I hooked my fingers into the elastic of his boxers and carefully slid them down. My heart was beating so hard. There it was, his manhood…so proud and mighty. I stared for a while wondering what to do next and acting solely by instinct I decided to taste him. I took the head of his penis into my mouth and flicked my tongue over the tip. I sensed a stirring within his dick that excited me so I did it again.

Slowly, I took in more of him into my mouth. He was big. I could feel my mouth getting stretched out and he was getting harder and harder in my mouth. I forgot about the possibility of waking him. I moved my mouth back up, flicking my tongue along the length of him in the process. I stopped at the tip and sucked on it hard…my tongue going in circles on his tip. He groaned slightly in his sleep and I let go. I told myself to stop before I got caught but my body had a mind of its own. I licked his balls a bit…telling myself it was the last lick but I heard him say,`Fuck.’ I lifted my head up instantly, he was staring right at me. How long had he been awake? I looked back at him not sure what to say or do. I mean what do you say when you’re caught in such a situation.
`You’re crazy,’ he said, `but I like it.’ `Come here.’ I silently obeyed as he drew me close to him and kissed me with a hunger that shocked my system…

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