FRESHER'S TALES! Playing with myself


You know how sometimes you feel playful? Naughty? Mischievous? And sometimes I don’t know about you, but I just feel, well, raunchy!
This afternoon was no exception. I can’t really point out what triggered the mood…it was just there weighing down on me and hard to ignore. My body needed attention. I decided to take a shower. I stood in my room and slipped out of my clothes.

I caught sight of myself in the dressing mirror and giggled to myself. I tilted myself toward my reflection, ‘not bad,’ I thought admiring my subtle curves. I unclasped by black bra and let my full breasts fall free from their restraint. I ran my hands delicately over them causing my nipples to stiffen under my soft caress. I hooked my thumbs into the elastic waistband and pushed my black panties down to my ankles and stepped free from them. I twisted and turned checking out my behind in the mirror.

I ran my fingers down across my flat stomach and soft bare pubic bone to touch myself. I loved the feel of the smooth skin beneath my fingers as I traced a line over my arousal. I padded to the shower, the soft carpet caressing my feet and toes in a gentle embrace with every step. I stepped into the bathroom, the cold tiles causing a shiver to run down the length of my spine.

I turned the water on a steady hard stream and stepped underneath letting it pulse into my body. I flinched at the coldness until my skin grew accustomed to the temperature. My hands began running over my body.
I know every inch of my body perfectly, where and how to touch to ignite the fire within me. I grabbed the minty body wash and began to rub the green liquid all over my body, the mint made my skin tingle and brought all of my nerve endings to life.

I found my now sensitive clitoris and began to rub gently back and forth, thrusting my hips into my hands. The water was running down my body between my breasts and across my belly causing gushing rivulets to explode between my thighs, touching my heightened arousal. I moved my hands faster as I reminisced on my last sexual encounter.

I moaned as my fingers slipped inside my wet hot sex. The cold water biting at my skin was a heavenly sensation. With my eyes closed, I began to move my hands and body in tight synchronization. Cupping my left breast, I pulled at the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.
Moaning loudly, I pushed my fingers deeper inside myself flattening my palm against my swollen bud and rocking my hips. I began to ride my hand, rubbing slowly at first back and forth. The grip of tension in my abdomen making my legs stiffen. With my eyes still tightly shut, I sank my teeth into my lips as I moved against my hand again and again…

Till next time…

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