Sex is way better when high. Everything is somewhat more intense…a touch on the shoulder sends heat waves all through your body. I’ve done an occasional blunt of weed here and there, but I had never reached the point I did pretty recently. It aroused this sexual hunger within me. I could feel heat waves right within my ovaries…could feel my pulse through my clit and my p*ssy just got really wet. One minute I was fine and the next I was sexually tense…craving sexual satisfaction. I shut my eyes and tuned my body to the sexual frustration within me…it was intense. I had this urge to ride hard.

There were four other people in the room; three guys and a girl. The girl and one of the guys had blacked out, leaving just two guys and me awake. I was horny. It was all I could think of. Everything made me think of sex, every little thing.
Then there was the uninhibited confidence. I felt so capable of doing anything I wanted. That’s what drove me at that moment. I would have probably just let my sexual urges pass if it wasn’t for that unrestrained confidence.

I took the guy I was sitting right next to by surprise when I kissed him hard on the lips. He regained his composure and started to kiss me back. I had lots of energy within me…waiting to burst through me and I just wanted to let it out. I kissed him with an unrestrained hunger and crawled onto his laps, straddling him. I felt his hardness right against my crotch and it excited me further. He gripped my ass, his fingers digging in. I moaned out loud. My body felt like jelly. My nipples were straining against my bra.

I guess he was probably as high as I was or even worse…we went at each other like two crazed animals. Clothes became an unnecessary barrier. I wanted to feel his skin on mine, wanted to touch his flesh. I was hungry. Our clothes got tossed in all directions. I had the other guy laugh and for some reason, it fuelled me further. It just felt right. He caught one of my nipples between his teeth and I literally orgasmed. We were on the floor but it felt like cushions. I pushed him back onto his back and then settled gently onto his rock hard flesh. I saw stars. I just sat for a moment, relishing the feeling of him within me, my p*ssy muscles gripping him.

His hands settled on my waist and I went mad. I started to ride hard and fast. Trying to release all the tension within me. It felt right and yet not quite enough. I wanted him deep so I went hard, totally not having a care in the world. Only fulfilling my urges. He was thrusting from below, making it a joint effort. Our noises filled the air. The air had the smell of sex…
It was totally mind-blowing! I don’t know how long exactly we went for but I woke up feeling sated…

Till next time…

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