More Campus girls use FACO products than they use condoms.


Every man wants a girl with a big booty, a great burst and whatnot, campus students are no exception, they too want girls with the same aspects and the girls like it too… Fake, or not fake, what matters is having a pair of these great assets, who would want a girl with garden orange sized breasts and little or no butts, no one.



“The feeling you get when boda boda men praise you for having a great butt, some even cut the price…”- Sharon, BBA student.

Campus students have been rated as the most frequent users of FACO products in Uganda, the urge to have breasts that don’t look like Nyanzi’s and the urge to have a Nicki Minaj behind is real, as any guy would pay any price to get a completely packaged girl, every girl is paying any price to get some FACO.


“A girl has to take care of herself, a girl has to enjoy free drinks at the bar, and a big bum is the necessary requirement.”- Janet, SWASA student

Looks no longer matter, just the breasts and the large butt count, even if she looks like Dracula and she has a large butt, or voluminous breasts, the guys will die to smash. The sugar daddies are sponsoring some of these FACO visits and bills, and the male campus students are falling into thirst traps not knowing that all it is, is a fake butt or fake titties.

“I can’t take a girl without great breasts and flamboyant buttocks into my room, I don’t want to be accused of the lack of taste…” Jonathan, IT student.

As Campus girls top the charts for using FACO products, guys might need to look for hacks of knowing what is made of FACO and what is natural. Nonetheless, if it makes you feel some kinda way, have it your way…


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