Campus Battle: Makerere Vs Kyambogo

Kyambogo students wielding sticks ready to punish their counterparts. These students mistook a football match for a fight night.

The two universities have engaged in verbal wars and physical fights but have you ever wondered which campus is the best?

We noticed that the beef between these universities will never end. The two earn themselves a Campus Bee battle this week since their misunderstandings can not be settled by books.

Hot Babes

The two Universities have fine looking babes but the winner must be announced. Both universities have different babes from all over the country from government sponsored to private ones. However, Kyambogo is in most cases congested with extra serious babes who have taken books to a whole new height of seriousness and forget to take care of themselves. Not that we go to university to look hot, but still, you will not die if you wear lipstick and have a popular hairstyle.

On the other side, Makerere has fine fire  looking babes who make sure they look classy and stunning. They have been crowned as the queen detoothers.
Even the ones who are not blessed with beauty do not accept to be left behind, they take time to keep their assets on fleek. Makerere babes earn a win over Kyambogo by a percentage of 56% – 44%

Scandals And Strikes

Well well… the two universities are well known to be Uganda’s top ‘Supa Strikers’ registering at least above five strikes every year. However, Makerere’s striking game is slightly ahead of Kyambogo’s. Makerere students will not give up before they have a chance to wear their red gowns and throw stones. The Wandegeya based students are so violent and seem to enjoy resolving most matters by shedding of blood.

An injured official gets first aid treatment after being stoned by a Kyambogo student | PHOTO; KATUMBA BADRU

In 2015, Makerere students started a fight during a football match with Kyambogo but unfortunately, they were heavily punished in their own war.
Makerere is also well known for scandals where you hear a deputy registrar extorting money from students and many other scandals at this campus.
Let’s agree Makerere is the king at this by whipping Kyambogo with a 60% – 40% win.

Education Progress

Kyambogo has managed to produce many successful people in the country, the same applies to Makerere. However, every year Makerere has to come up with something extraordinary. Last year one of its students made teargas, and a number of other academic breakthroughs, have been registered at Makerere.

Despite their strikes and scandals, MUK has never disappointed Uganda when it comes to education. Some analysts argue that it is East Africa’s finest. So many A’ level students dream of being enrolled at Makerere but few get this opportunity.
Makerere wins the Education game with a whopping 70% – 30% against Kyambogo.

Better Campus Premises

Without judging the two premises by size, the two campuses both have the standard features of a good university. Both universities are not so far from the city and fit within what we expect universities to look like.

Makerere main building | FB Photo

However, Makerere’s campus has better premises with a variety of trees and better roads.  When at MUK’s campus, you can be able to enjoy your stay there a little bit more than Kyambogo that has a couple of dilapidated buildings. The fresh air and environment hands MUK a win over Kyambogo with a percentage of 60% – 40%.

Sex Hyenas

We sent our reporters to carry out a practical field test.The sex story of the two universities tends to vary a lot citing a difference in the students’ preferences.
Kyambogo is no place for serious relationships. If you want the latest sex trends, then you are welcome at Kyambogo. Most KYU students believe in having various bonkmates which , let us be honest is one of the best things you get at campus. On the same note, Kyambogo babes are well known for having the highest number of sugar daddies.When we are talking of sexperts, then Kyambogo wins with 70% – 30%  against Makerere.

The Dudes

Both universities have fine looking guys but what separates them is class. Kyambogo dudes are well known to be the most broke campusers who survive on Rolex semester to semester. Now surely a cute, well-dressed guy taking you to Javas then Club Play after on some weekends is better than a daily Rolex and juice. Our reporters found out that some Kyambogo babes prefer dating Makerere guys on the weekends for massive plot and the Kyambogo guys during test and exam periods.

These Kyambogo hunnies cared less about Michael Ross, Heck! they had to pose for the Campusbee paparazi

Most Makerere guys are quite loaded (daddy’s money though). Some even chew tuition for their daily life. Any parent would trust a MUK guy with his/her daughter over the gambling addicts, Kyambogo boys.
Makerere guys win Kyambogo with a percentage of 60% – 40%.

Final Verdict

After all is said and done, one university is still on top of the other by far. After compiling both Education, rough life, premises and other head to head comparisons, Makerere thumps Kyambogo with a whopping 54% – 46% win in Campus Bee’s campus battle this week. Watch out for a battle between other universities come next week.

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