Campus slang that should die out already


Gone are the days when, if you used slang you sounded cool and all but actually some of that slang used to make you sound retarded. The most disturbing bit is that some of these argots are still being used and sometimes you cannot even keep up a certain conversation. Everything has got its season but some of y’all choose to live in a certain damn period forever. Now here is slang that should be out already!

Arawi. No longer makes sense right? Yes, this was used to mean ‘around’. Like one would say “are you arawi town?” And back then it seemed cool but no campuser should be using this now, please! Ask yourself why some of y’all are still single, get your English right and eliminate the slang while talking to these hot babes because you will be sold to bachelorhood way too fast in the most easy ways. This should be left for the kids in high school.

Warrez. Never say this in public, like ever! What happened to saying water? I was chilling with this kyambogo babe and she used this word with so much vigour and loudly. She wore this ‘satisfactory’ look like she had arrived! This is so embarrassing for anyone to use, cute or not you will be embarrassed. Stop it! At least whisper if you have to use this word. The insects won’t complain.

Like so. Well this is not so much of a pain but sounds as local as it can get. No one will beat you for choosing to sound local well that’s a choice some y’all go for deliberately. But here is my humble advice, for any campuser that still has a grip onto this, you need to stay away from them. They will pull you down to their level of hampered selves. And am sure you wouldn’t want that, like come on its campus, it’s the level where you prove yourself in all ways.

Ka Special. Now this is mostly adored by westeners, banyankole to be specific. Some of these mubs guys while slopping down at van’s for food, will go like “ erizooba walya ka special?” meaning to ask if they have eaten a special meal aside from the usual chips and beef most of y’all campusers like. Now you guys need to take a chill, we are no longer in Mbarara High School, this is freaking MUBS in kampala by the way. This and all that’s related to it should die asap.

Kubbe. To mean beat, or bang or getting attracted to someone. Mostly used in reference to the latter. Now, I do not know what’s worse, having to use warrez, like so, and arawi in the same sentence or a very hot guy walking up to you saying “you have kubbed me” this is so traumatizing, like why???? Please drop this meaningless slang and use some hip slang if you are dying to sound cool. Say something like “that chic is haaawwtt!!” your hommies will understand what you mean instead of kubbe. This needs to be left in high school too.

Zig/zag, hog/hag, swatch/switch. I will put these in the same category. These are mostly used by campus girls who still think the world moves at a very slow pace. Who still says “I swatch off the lights?” I personally get uncomfortable around such people. This makes you sound so much of a bimbo and the blond you are. This slang should also be out of campus already. Guys should agree with me here, these are your future baby mamas and trust me you will not want to get back home to “ daddy Liam, Liam hag your chicken and tanked all your warrez”

It does not hurt to use clean, simple grammar. It’s more attractive. Try it I’m sure you will thank me later.

Writing is my loudest voice and biggest expression. I live for it.