You’ve probably seen the hash tag #SurvivingSandra trending number one on popular social media application Twitter, wondering why? Well, news broke out of a certain Sandra that has been fraudulently obtaining money and favours from friends and strangers alike with absolutely impunity until she took her game a notch higher.

One of her victims, Timothy (not real names) said her encounter with her started at the beginning of the year when she sent him a private message on Twitter and sparked off a friendship. They were to later meet and she intimated to him that she was working with the British Council in Uganda when what she possessed was just a conference attendees certificate from the Council and a shirt she had obtained from the same.

Her game was to be sparked off, however, when she “forgot” her clothes in his car and seemed to suggest that she’d pick them at his place. Things happened when she reached and according to Timothy, it was just casual. Not serious! So like any normal hit man, he noticed Sandra’s cousin and wanted her also and that’s when all hell broke loose.

“Sandra advised me to forget her if I want to be safe. She said she has HIV/AIDS and that she wouldn’t have told me in normal circumstances but only did because she liked me and didn’t want me to die”, Timothy narrates.
Consequently, after about a month she told him she was pregnant.

“You see what shocked me is that I was sure I didn’t cum in her because we used protection but I said okay maybe it broke” Timothy told Campus Bee.
She even sent him a medical report to back up her claims and that’s when the upkeep came up.
Timothy sent check up money to Sandra after every after three months, antenatal care money and even sent her money for her baby shower.

“She bought a fake stomach/tummy that she’d wear every time we were to meet and it actually looked like she was really pregnant and so I believed her” he continued.
Like the proverbial thief’s 40 days however, months went by and the tummy wasn’t increasing and that’s when he confided in one of her friends to find out whether Sandra was actually pregnant and his shock was as alarming as yours right now. The friend told him that she was with Sandra at that moment and even sent him a selfie with her while her tummy was as slim as ever.

Timothy realised what had befallen him and according to him “respectfully” called off the engagement, a thing she didn’t protest to.
“I told her I wasn’t going to report her to the police but advised that she goes to a therapist. Now when I found out that she didn’t stop her game and was defrauding more and more people, I decided to come out and prevent future victims” Timothy told our reporter.

It took Timothy six months to realize he was being duped and there was really no pregnancy but all this while he had been sending her regular upkeep and money for antenatal all of which Sandra would waste away at Cafe Javas and other fancy restaurants in town, according to Timothy.
“What that girl needs is therapy to be able to get into her senses, at one point she sent me a random guy’s photo and claimed it was her father who had passed away. She asked for condolences but didn’t allow me to go and participate in the send off. If you can go that extreme, can’t you kill for money?” Timothy wondered.

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