Feminine Habits Campus Dudes Should Stop

Victory Boys

Dear Campus chaps, don’t let your twisted ideas make you feel awesome about pulling off feminine behaviors and lifestyle. Whether you grew up with only girls in your family, somebody had to remind you about your gender and live a real man’s life. There are a couple of habits taken over by most campus dudes these days which at some point made them forget about their gender values.


It’s a natural thing that every human being wants to know what’s happening in other people’s lives but not like how our campus dudes are doing it. There is a certain kind of formula where these guys converge with no specific reason but to discuss the matters of other students’ lives. This habit is way too girly for any man to try as it may turn out to be a lifetime character. You can avoid such habits by staying away from gossip kings at your campus, it will be your first step to manning up. Even if most women love to gossip a lot, they detest gossip guys.

Over Grooming

It is very fine to keep yourself clean but only to a certain extent. Research shows that most women consider a rugged look sexy, but only when it is kept clean. Most campus guys are nowadays spending a lot of money on making their hair, doing nails- applying some lip shiner-things that are meant to be for ladies. Think of a situation where you have to pay expensive weekly hair fees for both yourself and your girlfriend. There are a thousand ways you can be smart, clean without making it too much. Some guys just can’t let the mirror get far from their sight like Christiano Ronaldo. However, you cannot break all the grooming rules simply because you are keeping a rugged look. Comb your hair, trim your beards, shower and dress yourself as required. No woman wants to date a man that looks like a street kid beggar either.

Watching Soaps

Indian, Philippine, Telemundo, name it, all these are not meant for you cool guy. Women are naturally created with soft hearts, therefore should be the only ones watching such romantic television shows. Actually some girls prefer guys who watch kids channels, play video games just like Sanyu Fm’s James Onen aka Fatboy. Use your campus experience to learn watching football, movies, or try engaging in sports activities of your choice and enter a gentle man’s lifestyle. It would sound weird if your girl calls at night to know what you are up to, only to find out you’re watching the same soap just like her little sister. This will be your biggest blow ever. Whose daughter would fall for such a dude?

Wearing Skinny Jeans

I simply cannot understand why any dude would willingly wear tight skinnies. Yes, It’s fashionable, no doubt, but only if you’re in a competition of whose butt is bigger between you and your woman. It is assumed that campus students are more intelligent than other levels, so should their dress code be because one’s appearance speaks a lot. Unless you are a Dj, rapper , hip-hop artist or high school kid, please leave this dress code for the already outlined especially if you are above 21 years old. I don’t see why this needs explaination, but it is not only feminine but childish as well. BTW, when choosing your clothes, make sure you don’t wear over sized clothes and end up looking like a malnourished kid who borrows some fat dude’s outfits.

I’m out of here!

A passionate and dedicated gossip writer.